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Wireless TV Listening Systems By Sennheiser

Unfortunately we no longer stock Sennheiser products. View our current range of Wireless TV Listeners here.

This week we have introduced a new brand name to the site in the form of Sennheiser. A brand synonymous with high quality audio equipment, it offers stern competition to the likes of Bose and Bang and Olufsen. With the introduction of this new brand we have significantly expanded our choice and range of one of the most ‘life changing’ products we do. Why are they so life changing? Well, they have some conciliation properties of which ACAS would be proud. These clever devices have acted as the saviour of marriages, the resolver of family rifts and the difference between feuding and neighbourly neighbours. So what could be the cause of so much distress that these simple devices solve? Perhaps the following statements may help to give a clue: “The actors and actresses these days just don’t seem to project or enunciate as well as they used to”, “I’m sure the soundtrack is much louder than the dialogue, why do the sound producers do that so much now?” If these haven’t revealed all then allow me to do so; the issue is Television volume. Whether it is booming from next door, irritatingly quiet to suit others or somewhere in between, deciding and accepting the volume of the TV can be a major source of disagreement. Primarily driven by the fact that it is pretty inflexible in the sense that whatever the level, it has to be the same for everyone seeking to enjoy the output, which is fine if all can agree, however, that is not always the case.

And so the simplistic magic of the digital, high fidelity and wireless TV listener was born. These easy to use devices connect to the TV and then broadcast wireless sound to a pair of headphones that can be fine tuned to suit the individual in terms of volume, tone control and balance. Most importantly, this process does not affect the TV volume for any other users and with some of the Sennhesier versions, it does not isolate the user from hearing other sounds around them including people talking, the phone ringing or the doorbell. Essentially they offer completely personalised listening settings without interrupting the viewing pleasure of others and without the usual isolation that normal headphones may bring.

It is easy, therefore, to see how these devices can bring such benefit to so many and that is why they are bought as much by those who would like someone to become a user as by the user themselves!

We hope you like the new range and do call us if we can help with any questions.

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