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What To Expect When Wearing A Hearing Aid For The Very First Time

hearing aidThere is one salient point above all others to note when opting to wear a hearing aid. Make sure your expectations are realistic. Although there is no cure for your hearing loss, you can make the most of what you have left. Your hearing aid will never restore your hearing to the natural sound you may have experienced in your youth. It’s an aid – a way of enabling you to access the listening world the high tech way. By selecting a hearing aid that’s chosen based upon your lifestyle and needs as well as your specific hearing loss, you are well on the way to a more fruitful listening experience.

Hearing loss is different for everyone, as such try not to compare your progress with others. This is your journey with a destination determined by your very unique lifestyle choices and expectations.

Take your time there is no sudden fix, no instantaneous cure. You’re not just relying on great amplification in order to access the hearing world. Your brain has to adapt to the sounds that will suddenly bombard it from all directions. Retraining yourself to identify and separate sound can weeks and months to perfect. Everyone is different, depending upon your level of hearing loss, how suddenly this loss occurred and how quickly your brain adapts to the new sounds. Be patient and work things through, it will all be worth it in the end.

There’s nothing like the right fit. Inserting your hearing aid correctly takes practice and is often tricky to do for the first time. Once the technique is mastered, you won’t look back. If you continue to feel discomfort or the sound quality is compromised, it may be worth getting a doctor or nurse to take a look at your ear canal and make sure it’s not blocked with excess wax. At no point should you feel pain. If this occurs, you need to seek further advice.

Loud can be surprising. The startling thing about wearing a hearing device is that it intensifies all sound generated around you significantly. When trying a hearing aid for the first time, having suffered hearing loss, the sudden rush of sound from all angles can be overwhelming. Digital hearing aids should be pre-programmed to ensure the sound levels you receive are both safe and processed at an appropriate volume. Even so, you still have to get used to receiving or ignoring certain background noise, just as your brain would naturally do.

Slowly build up your resilience to wearing a hearing aid. Your body will need time to adjust to all the extra amplification. Day by day, you can increase your usage until it’s at a level that you are comfortable with. It’s best to use it in quieter places initially. Throwing yourself into a noisy party or clamorous restaurant on day one may only serve to give you a headache.

Pardon, what did you say? Such sentences may be less frequent thanks to the use of a hearing aid. High frequency sounds can be restored to provide greater clarity of speech, all of which helps enormously when out with your friends or colleagues.

Discover a new you – or rather a new voice. That initial surprise when you speak for the first time with amplification is a common experience for many first time wearers. You’ll get used to it.

It takes time to adjust to the feel of a hearing aid. Wearing something in or behind your ear for protracted periods of time can be a weird sensation at first. Rest assured with time, you’d get used to wearing one, just as people adjust to wearing glasses.

Help yourself to hear better – give your hearing an added boost by being aware of your listening environment. Turn your back on interfering background noise where possible. Try and concentrate on one conversation at a time. Position yourself closer to the person you are talking to so that you can see their facial expressions easily. This way, you can read their lips and use their body language to reinforce what you’re hearing. Remember a conversation doesn’t have to be word perfect.

By casting off your hearing aid, sound may feel leaden. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and just serves to prove that you’ve been hearing better with a little bit of help from your aid.

For more handy hints or information about your specific hearing requirements, you can contact us. We’re here to help.

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