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Watch n Shake and Wake n Shake by Geemarc

geemarcGetting out of bed in time is always the hardest part of the day, especially if you’re a night owl. Without the right alarm system, it can be difficult to ensure you don’t over sleep. This is doubly concerning if you are hard of hearing and haven’t found an alarm clock to suit. That’s where the latest in hearing technology from Geemarc comes into its own.

The Geemarc Watch N Shake Solar Watch

This vibrating watch for the hard of hearing promises to be one of those products you simply won’t want to be without. Unlike an alarm clock, you can wear your watch both day and night, secure in the knowledge that you have a means of waking up after taking a well-earned snooze. It’s completely portable, stylish to wear, simple to operate and has an alarm that will wake you, without having to disturb others.

So how does it work?

There are four different vibrating alarm modes that you can choose from. The vibrations radiate from the watch on your wrist and are designed to be strong enough to wake you from a deep slumber. It’s also pretty useful if you need a gentle reminder to take your medication or attend an appointment.

Although the watch face is analogue, the LCD screen can be set to show a digital time display, either a 12 or a 24-hour clock, as well as the date. The watch is solar-powered, with a rechargeable battery that should last two years. The battery levels can be monitored via the LCD screen on the watch.

Although water resistant to 3ATM, (which basically means it will cope with accidental contact with water, but not full submersion), it’s not suitable to be worn when swimming. Besides, water would ruin the comfortable leather strap it’s supplied with.

Geemarc Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

You may have heard already about Geemarc’s Wake N Shake vibrating alarm clock, which will stop you from oversleeping without waking the rest of the household. It comes supplied with a vibrating pad that can be slipped underneath your pillow for maximum comfort and can be set on a continuous snooze option to ensure you don’t roll over back to sleep. Supplied with a strobe light that can flash an alert, it can work in tandem with the ringer or vibrator option, ensuring you have a choice of how and when to wake up. It can even let you know if your phone is ringing.

Features include:

• Extra loud ringer volume up to 85dB
• 4 alarm settings - Ringer and Vibrate, Ringer and Flash, Vibrator and Vibrator and Flash
• Bright and low dimmer switch
• Extra bright visual ringer indicator
• Easy to use buttons and controls

With technology like this available, there really is no reason why oversleeping in the morning should ever be an issue for you again. Why not ‘wake n’ shake’ instead?

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