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Walmart Hearing Aids: How Do They Compare?

Walmart hearing aids are a popular alternative to purchasing a hearing aid privately. Walmart provides a range of brands such as Simplicity, Simply Soft, in a range of types and models, as well as accessories and batteries.

Walmart hearing aids offer Americans the chance to explore a range of devices, just as we do. But how do Walmart hearing aids compare to Hearing Direct?

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Walmart Hearing Aids vs Hearing Direct

In this blog post, we will compare Walmart hearing aids against our own brand of Hearing Direct hearing aids. There are a number of key categories to compare such as price and technology.

It is believed that more than 37 million American's over the age of 18 suffer from some form of hearing loss - that's 15% of the adult population in the US.  Walmart has stores all over the country as well as an online shop where you can order some of the hearing aids they offer. However, a certain Walmart hearing aids can only be bought in-store and not online.

At, we place a lot of emphasis on value for money and we supply a variety of affordable products all over the US. Our website and blog is home to a selection of fundamental items to assist the lives' of the hearing impaired and you will also find a collection of expert guides and resources.

Hearing Direct Hearing Aids

As with any digital hearing aid, you will want to find the best device that suits you. You'll also want the best advice to help you manage your hearing loss. Hearing aids are an effective way of managing a hearing impairment, especially sensorineural hearing loss - one of the most common types of impairment.

Our hearing aids have been designed with cost in mind without compromising on quality. Choose from a wide range of affordable hearing aids, including behind-the-ear, in-the-ear models, and invisible hearing aids.

The Cost of Walmart Hearing Aids

The overall cost of hearing aids can be a vital factor in the decision-making process of purchasing a new digital hearing aid.

The average price of a privately purchased hearing aid in the US is approximately $1,600., with many devices upwards of $3,000! Unlike in the UK where you can get free hearing aids from the National Health Service, in the US, this is not possible. Luckily, both ourselves and Walmart provide over the counter hearing aids well below this price. 

Walmart hearing aids start from $360 for a single device with pairs available at a cost of upward of $1,000. Whilst Walmart hearing aids start at less than a quarter of the privately purchased device, cheaper options can be found at Hearing Direct.

walmart hearing aids - hd 150 from hearing direct HD 150 Digital Hearing Aid

Our own branded digital hearing aids start from $249, almost a third of the price cheaper than the lowest price hearing aid from Walmart. The help you save money, we have simply removed many of the large costs associated with these digital devices and passed those savings directly on to you.

The HD 150 digital hearing aid is one of our entry level devices. This in-the-ear hearing aid is almost invisible when worn due to its incredibly small size and can sit comfortably in your ear. All of our digital hearing aids can be purchased online without the need to visit an audiologist nor will you require a medical referral. Our hearing aids are ready-to-wear on arrival!

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids are becoming more powerful. Newer technologies and advancements in the audiological industry mean hearing aids now have more features than ever before, making them a capable piece of equipment.

walmart hearing aids  - hd 500 from HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid

Walmart hearing aids, Hearing Direct hearing aids, Costco hearing aidsand other key brands manufacture digital devices that are packed with the newest tech to help improve the quality of life gained from a hearing aid. 

The HD 500 digital hearing aid is one of our top and most powerful devices bursting with the latest features and technology. The HD 500 embodies everything you could wish for from a hearing aid and as a result, takes first place in our range of quality digital devices. It’s designed to provide not only the ultimate in sound quality but is incredibly comfortable to wear and almost invisible when worn.

However, higher-performance aids can have a higher price tag. Bluetooth, invisible, and iPhone-compatible hearing aids can cost much more than generic types. Walmart hearing aids offer a range of BTE, ITE, ITC, and CIC models with varying levels of tech, much like we do!

Hearing Aid Batteries

Walmart also supplies hearing aid batteries. We stock a range of hearing aid batteries that will work with a variety of hearing aids, including those available at Walmart.

We provide batteries in the most popular sizes such as size 1013312, and size 675. Choose from a selection of leading battery suppliers like Power One and Rayovac, or choose our own brand of cost-effective batteries. You can even stock up on batteries as we offer cells in packs of 60 to 120  so you no longer have to worry about running out of power. Why not try rechargeable hearing aids?


Hearing aids at Walmart come from a mix of manufacturers and brands. One of the most popular hearing aid brands they offer is Simplicity. They also provide hearing aid accessories from a selection of leading brands such as Phonak.

Unlike Walmart hearing aids, we produce our own make of digital hearing aids that are manufactured by us. This is not just limited to hearing aids, as also available on our website is our own brand of hearing aid batteries that boast long-life power to keep your device performing at its best.

Explore our website to shop a variety of hearing aid brands.  We supply a range of products such as batteries, accessories, amplified phones, loud alarm clocks, ear plugs, and more from the likes of:

  • Moldex
  • Siemens
  • Amplicomms
  • Geemarc
  • Clarity
  • Oticon
  • CPR Call Blocker
  • Duracell
  • GN Resound

About Hearing Direct

We are one of the world's leading hearing specialists, supplying a wide range of hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, and accessories such as ear plugs. You'll also find at as a collection of amplified devices such as super loud alarm clocks and phones designed for the hearing impaired.

Your hearing health is important to us and we produce the best advice and provide an essential set of products to satisfy your hearing needs.

We have also built an online hearing test so you can check your hearing in the comfort of your own home. Our free hearing test is simple, takes 3-minutes, as you will receive your results instantly.

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