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TV Hearing Aids for 2015 Offering the Latest in Connectivity

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep abreast of technological improvements. No sooner have you bought the latest device, than the next new thing comes along. Such progress can offer us all the opportunity to enhance our everyday lives, making things just that little bit easier.

A prime example of technical advancement would be the television, which for 2015 is now completely digitalised. It’s an exciting purchase, coming home with the very latest flat screen HD TV, many of which now offer a digital optical audio out socket. This does mean in some instances, the death knell to the more traditional red and white audio connector or SCART. Although some people welcome change, there are others who resist having to make further upgrades. We recognise the need for flexibility and choice. As a result, we stock a variety of TV listeners, offering the very latest connecting technology as well as the more traditional methods.

So what’s new from Hearing Direct for 2015?

The Amplicom TV 2500 Wireless TV Listener offers amazing amplification, clarity of sound and adjustable volume, which you can set at a level you need without disturbing anyone else. Just plug the base unit into your TV and wear the headset around your home.

As an upgraded version of the immensely popular TV 2400, one of the key benefits to this new model is the ability to connect to a digital optical audio out socket, located on most new TVs. As a result, it’s the most universally compatible TV listener in our range.

For a comparison, it may be worth checking the Geemarc CL7150 Wireless TV Listener, which although not new to our collection, offers fantastic results and remains a popular choice.

The Geemarc CL7160 Wireless TV Listener operates as a neck loop and is the first of its’ kind to offer connectivity to a digital optical audio out socket. Connection to your hearing aids is made via your Telecoil settings.

We would also like to introduce the Geemarc CL7200 wireless TV listener, with its’ new lightweight design head set that transmits sound from your base unit to a headset worn around your neck. Two silicon ear buds then transmit the sound to your ears.

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