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TV Ears Wireless TV Listener Review

Unfortunately the TV Ears are no longer available. View our current full range of Wireless TV Listeners here.

Video Transcript

This is the TV Ears, a listening set for the television.  If you find yourself in a situation where your partner listens to the television in a much, much louder volume than you do, you may want to buy a set of TV Ears for Christmas.  Or alternatively if you are in a situation where you have a relative staying with you who requires a lot more volume due to a hearing impairments, this is an ideal gift to have and to keep in the rooms of the house where there is a television.  It allows you to connect up the TV Ears so that the person with the hearing loss or who needs more volume is able to listen at their preferred volume while keeping the overall volume of the television for everyone listening externally through the television speakers at a different volume, perhaps a more comfortable volume.  A very simple set to install.  This works on infrared transmission, so it does require a line of smudge but for most people who are watching the television, they are going to be in front of the TV anyway, so generally this isn’t a problem.  It’s only if you are going to be walking around and trying to listen to the TV at the same time that this may become a problem.

The set itself is very light weight.  You wear it on the ears, and there are very soft ear pads.  These can be replaced over time.  You simply charge it up in this cradle.  You can see that it’s provided for two sets of TV Ears.  Additional headsets are available, and they work off the same unit and ensure that perhaps two people with different volume requirements can listen at their earned preferred volumes as well within the same room with others.

The controls itself on the unit are very simple to operate.  The volume control on and off and of course up and down, and then there is a tone control offering more boost for high frequencies or lower frequencies depending on your hearing requirements.  The battery itself is rechargeable, hence while we keep it in the cradle, the cradle is mains powered, so in order to charge the batteries fully it will need to be plugged into the mains at all times.  To recharge the battery fully it takes about eight to ten hours.  The TV Ears are provided off the box with enough charge for about ten minutes of listening time hopefully to allow you to try them as soon as the set arrives with you.  It can be connected to the audio out or the Scott connection of your television.

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