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Hearing loss is a condition that affects millions of people and may occur throughout any stage of a person’s life. There are two basic types of hearing loss – conductive and sensorineural, but it is also possible to suffer from mixed hearing loss, which is a combination of the two. Having troubles with hearing can be quite distressing and embarrassing and may lead to many unpleasant situations that often affect the quality of life of the sufferer.

The most important thing that people should remember is that no one is immune to hearing loss, regardless of their age and way of life and it is always good to keep a watchful eye out for known symptoms. Although it is possible to suddenly lose your hearing, for example due to a trauma, hearing loss usually progresses slowly with time and at first it may be hard to recognise and acknowledge the problem until it escalates excessively. Some of the symptoms that are important to be aware of include:

- Muffled hearing

- Troubled hearing in noisy environments or when people speak in a lower voice

- A constant need to turn up the volume of the TV or radio

- An inability to hear the ringing of the phone or door bell

- An inability to follow a conversation due to difficulties in understanding and distinguishing the specific words people are saying

- Recurring or constant ringing in the ears

- An irritation, swelling, itching or pain in the ears

- An increased secretion or pus from the ears

Some conditions can be treated with medications or with surgery, but it is extremely important to take accurate measures on time and seek professional help during the earliest stages of the problem. Many people feel uncomfortable about visiting an audiologist and are inclined to postpone it as much as possible. If you have any suspicion that your hearing is starting to weaken you may try an online hearing test. This is also a good idea even if you do not experience any particular problems, but would like to check your hearing abilities.

However, the best thing that you can do for your health is to visit a professional audiologist, who will not only be able to examine your ears properly, but also answer any questions that you may have and suggest helpful ways to look after your hearing. In the case of a problem, the audiologist is also the person to determine the best possible treatment that is suitable for your individual condition. People over the age of 55 are highly advised to have their hearing tested on a yearly basis.

Hearing Direct offers a simple free online hearing test saving you time and money.

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