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Starkey X Series Hearing Aids Review

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey X Series 90 Starkey X Series 90

One of the high quality brands featured by Hearing Direct is Starkey. The company has been developing hearing aids since 1967 and up until now has earned a well-deserved reputation as a pioneer in the introduction of progressive technological innovations in the production of hearing aids. Starkey hearing aids are famous for their excellent performance, reliability, minimum feedback and great design. The company offers different lines of hearing aids and one of the most popular amongst them is the X series, which is famous for the devices’ ability to provide the user with maximum speech understanding in noisy environments, where many hearing aids fail to provide benefit.

Starkey X Series

The Starkey X Series hearing aids feature many useful functions and technological improvements that appeal to all users looking for a hearing aid to meet all of their requirements. At Hearing Direct, you will find 3 different devices of this particular line – the X Series 70, 90 and 110. They differ in some areas, but all of them share some important advantages and features, that are typical for the X series. The Voice iQ² system, for example, is a great help to the hearing impaired, as its main aim is to reduce noise levels. In this way it improves the user’s ability to follow a conversation clearly and effortlessly, especially in noisy environments. The manufacturers are well aware that many hearing aid users suffer from an unpleasant feedback effect and have put a stop to the annoying whistling sounds by using an enhanced feedback eliminator.

Speech comprehension is further augmented by the devices’ directional microphones. The hearing aids’ tone and voice indicators are very convenient if you want to get a quick update on the status of the device and its battery. One of the greatest advantages of the x series is that the hearing aids are self-learning and with time learn the individual preferences of the user in regards to volume levels in differing environments. They also begin to make convenient automatic adjustments and in this way, the necessity to make manual adjustments gradually decreases. The hearing aids’ outer casing is very reliable and provides maximum comfort and protection of the miniature components of the device against wax, corrosion and moisture due to the HydraShield®² technology.

The X Series 70 hearing aids feature 8 channels and 8 bands and allow selective speech and noise management, as well as a basic background noise control.

Starkey X Series 90 hearing aids offer an even better quality of sound and advanced feedback elimination. The greater number of channels (12) and bands further significantly enhance the devices’ performance.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive member of this line is the Starkey X Series 110 hearing aid, which has maximum clarity of sound and excellent elimination of feedback noises. The devices’ optimum performance is achieved on all possible levels and is greatly influenced by the 16 channels and bands available.

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