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Starkey Ignite Hearing Aid Review

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Ignite 20 Image Starkey Ignite 20

The Starkey brand is widely recognised within the international community of hearing aid users. The company has produced hearing aids for the hard of hearing community for more than 45 years. Starkey was the first manufacturer to introduce a completely-in-the-canal hearing aid and also pioneered some of the groundbreaking technology used to combat annoying feedback and whistling.

Starkey offers a wide range of hearing aids in different price categories, enabling a greater number of people to afford a quality hearing device. At HearingDirect.com, you will find the Ignite, Wi and X series of hearing aids, each of them baring its distinctive features and united by Starkey quality.

Starkey Ignite Series

The Ignite series offer devices which are characterised by a high technological level, at a surprisingly competitive price. If you cannot afford the most modern hearing aids loaded with the most contemporary features, but nevertheless you are not willing to make compromises with the quality of sound and perception, then this is the device for you. This range of hearing aids is suitable for people whose listening environment is not so demanding. To put it simply, it may be of great benefit for users who spend the larger portion of their time at home and need their hearing aid to help them hear while they are having a conversation with their family or listening to the TV. If you are leading a more dynamic type of life and often experience noisy surroundings, it may be a better idea to check out the other Starkey series.

The Ignite series includes some of the most significant features that are crucial for the performance of a hearing aid, which aims to provide a good quality of delivered sound and enables the user to perceive the surrounding environment in an easy and effortless way. The feedback effect that occurs when using a hearing aid, especially when the volume level is increased, may not only be annoying but can also painful to the ears. The Ignite series uses Starkey’s feedback cancellation system (Purewave Feedback Eliminator), which is very successful in a variety of listening environments. The noise management system is another important feature, which offers an automatic noise reduction and helps the user enjoy a more natural experience even in loud environments. The directional settings are also a great asset because they enable the wearer to better understand a face-to-face conversation without being distracted by background noises.

The Starkey Ignite 20 is the most affordable of the series, which offers an entry level of speech and noise management, 4 channels and 4 bands and up to 4 memories.

If you are looking for more sound processing channels, which ultimately give better performance, go for the Starkey Ignite 30 whose key features include 6 channels and 6 bands, a standard speech and noise management and an entry level of background noise control.

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, both ranges use Starkey’s Hydrashield technology, which protects the devices from moisture and wax.

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