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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey SoundLens 11 Starkey SoundLens 11

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a company with almost five decades of experience in the hearing devices business and is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids. They have a wide range of behind the ear, receiver in the canal, in the ear, in the canal and completely in the canal hearing aids that utilize the latest digital technology and focus primarily on innovation, feedback elimination and wireless connectivity.

In 2010, they launched their Wi Series, advanced wireless hearing aids that allow the hard of hearing to use them with TVs and radio while streaming the sound directly without needing additional body accessories. A year later, Starkey released the discreet AMP for those who are still apprehensive about showing their hearing aid in public. The year 2011 also marks the launch of Starkey’s X series hearing aids that feature the broadest range of traditional hearing aids available.

Naturally, Hearing Direct offers a variety of the latest hearing aid devices from the Starkey collection and namely the Ignite, Wi and X Series. All of the models are developed with the most advanced technology to provide the wearer with the ultimate comfort and functionality. Each of the Starkey devices can be found online with their full descriptions and user guides. However, they are customized and purchased in-store and accompanied by a consultation with a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist. That option allows you to discuss your hearing and to guarantee a fit to the individual condition and requirements, ear shape and degree of hearing loss. Starkey hearing aids are offered in pairs to provide the best hearing experience possible and diminish the effects of hearing loss by allowing the wearer to enjoy crisp and clear sound with virtually no amount of feedback.

Starkey Ignite

At hearingdirect.com you can find the Starkey Ignite 20 and Ignite 30 hearing aids famous for their high quality performance and affordable prices. They come in different styles and colours to meet your taste and hearing requirements. Their main features include up to 6 channels and bands, speech and noise management, elimination of feedback, directional microphones, background noise control, indicators for voice and tone.

Starkey Wi Series

The Wi Series hearing aids are some of the most advanced on the market featuring the latest wireless technology to connect to other devices such as a TV, radio or computer and offer an unmatched effortless listening experience. They are equipped with Voice iQ that helps understand speech even if a substantial amount of noise is present. In addition, they have a feedback eliminator that takes care of the whistling and buzzing sounds as well as a self-learning feature that adjusts to volume preferences and allows for less manual interference. Additional functionalities are a remote control and media streamer as well as ear-to-ear wireless communication between two hearing aids.

Starkey X series

Using advanced digital technology, the X series offers a variety of traditional hearing aids combined with exclusive performance options. Just like the other premium products from Starkey, they have a feedback eliminator, self-learning capabilities as well as a Voice iQ. Moreover, the X Series 90 model maintains up to 12 channels and bands and X Series 110 up to 16.

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