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Specsavers Hearing Aids: How Do They Compare?

Specsavers hearing aids are a popular high street option, but are they the most cost-effective option.

We have put together this hearing aid guide to compare our own affordable devices against hearing aids from Specsavers.

Privately Purchased Hearing Aids

The prospect of buying a hearing aid privately can be a tricky process as you will want to have the right hearing aid from day one. Hearing aids from high street brands can be expensive and at HearingDirect.com we offer affordable digital hearing aids.

Finding the right hearing aid for you may take some time and it's best to get it right. Specsavers is a popular UK option to pursue. But, how do Specsavers hearing aids compare?

Specsavers Hearing Aids

Specsavers hearing aids are available in a range of types and models from the likes of Advance, Sivantos (Siemens), Phonak, and Widex.

How Do Specsavers Hearing Aids Stack Up Against the Competition?

Firstly, it is necessary to define who or what is their competition. Specsavers hearing aids are head to head with Boots, Hidden Hearing, and Amplifon as some of the big hearing instrument retailers on the high street, so they certainly inject a fierce rivalry. However, the NHS supplies more hearing aids than all of them combined, so we must classify the NHS as valid competition too.

Now there is another contender emerging to challenge both the public and private sector – HearingDirect, the first UK based company to sell hearing aids online. We have created our very own brand of hearing aids that have been designed to be affordable.

So what is the comparison and what aspects should we compare? The three key areas of any purchase include price, technology, and service, so let’s start with those.

Hearing Aid Price

The cost of hearing aids will differ from brand to brand, company to company, and based on its level of technology and its features.

The clear winner is the NHS as their hearing aids and services provided are free of charge. For more choice between hearing aids, but at the most affordable prices our expert range of hearing aids comes second.

Specsavers hearing aids and other high street retailers average approximately £1,100 per hearing aid. However, Specsavers would argue that they're one of the cheapest and according to their website, their lowest priced aids start from £495 for a pair. Hang on though, Boots digital hearing aids start at £345 for one and £495 for a pair also, making them of similar value than Specsavers hearing aids. Amplifon and Hidden Hearing are slightly bashful regarding revealing their hearing aid prices online, so have been discounted from this section.

The reality is that both Boots and Specsavers will sell very few of their low priced product, using them as a tempting offer but up-selling to higher priced products. To conclude the price war, champion of value is the NHS with HearingDirect.com claiming silver, as based on price, the NHS is technically the cheapest option.

Hearing Aid Technology

As the world advances, so does technology. Hearing aids are constantly improving and offering better features to help manage hearing loss.

Specsavers Hearing Aids HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

The range of products offered by HearingDirect, Specsavers and the other high street chains makes the comparison of technology difficult. We are all able to offer the most up-to-date hearing aids. We all offer all the top features, making this category almost void. However, it is still key when it comes down to choosing a hearing aid.

All offer various specification products, different hearing aid types, and have varying prices. There is no doubt that the highest specification and latest technology is available on the high street. However, the technology level and resultant benefit of the NHS products have improved enormously since the MHAS (Modernising Hearing Aid Services) programme. Their products are now digital and so great that they may be rebranded by the manufacturers to protect the high street.

We also offer 100% digital products under our own branding such as the HD 500, which is one of our best devices and at prices that are far lower than the ones offered by the high street stores. Alongside this, we also advertise hearing aids from top brands which can be bought online via our website.

Hearing Aid Customer Service

Customer service and care can be a major swinging factor for purchases both online and in-store.

Let’s assume that most people would like a speedy delivery to their front door. Leaving the other contenders behind, the clear winner is ourselves with a next-day delivery service available on all hearing aids. The high street and Specsavers take a joint silver as delivery may not be needed if you buy in-store. The NHS follows on with a service that still rather depends upon a postcode lottery.

So three Gold Medals on offer and one apiece. Perhaps “should have gone to Specsavers” ought to be “could have gone to Specsavers” as there are now impressive alternatives.

Online Hearing Test

We have created our own online hearing test so you can easily check your hearing in the comfort of your own home. The hearing check is free, only takes a few minutes, and you will get your results instantly.

Further information

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Author: Stuart Canterbury

Stuart joined the hearing aid industry just at the start of the digital revolution in the mid 1990s.  He was part of a team that transformed one of the minor manufacturers in to a major player in both production and retail of high technology hearing aids.  This journey included working on public / private programmes to accelerate the uptake of high technology hearing aids across a wide distribution.  This passion for improving the value and access to good quality hearing lead to the foundation of HearingDirect.  After almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of customers we are starting to establish online sales as a practical, cost-effective channel to provide great hearing to all those who need help.

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