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ReSound Verso Hearing Aids Review

ReSound have long been a leading manufacturer of the hearing aids. After the successful Alera platform, this new generation of wireless devices improved the Alera legacy and offered new, competitive features and options. The Verso line includes many modern features whose aim is to provide the users with optimum audibility and deliver a natural listening experience.

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The Verso range has further developed some of Alera 9’s top features. For example, the Phone Now feature has been upgraded to Comfort Phone. The new feature’s main target was to improve the listening experience while talking on the phone in a noisy environment. With the help of the bilateral wireless synchronization between the hearing devices, it successfully recognizes which ear is used to talk on the phone and which is not. The non-phone ear automatically receives less amplification by up to 6 dB and in this way, it is easier for the user to focus on the conversation, because there is less distraction caused by background noises. The original programme and volume settings are automatically restored when the phone call is ended.

The Verso range will mainly impress its users with the excellent device-to-device communication, which is a result of the use of innovative technologies. The devices in both ears exchange information through a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which allows easy synchronized adjustments to be made simultaneously. Another useful feature is the DFS Ultra II with Music Mode, which gives the users the chance to better appreciate music and enjoy a clearer and richer sound with less feedback.

The Verso hearing aids are available in different models (behind the ear, receiver in the canal and in the ear) in order to meet the requirements and needs of as many people as possible.

The Verso 7 is mainly suitable for people whose normal listening environment is with moderate difficulty. The Natural Directionality II system delivers a better speech understanding when someone is standing in front of the user, while still allowing clear appreciation of the surrounding environment. The Synchronized SoftSwitching and Synchronized Push Button and Volume Control enable a smoother programming of the hearing aids. The devices also benefit from ReSound features with a proven reliability such as the quality feedback management, automatic environment adaptation, different noise reduction strategies and connection to the ReSound Unite wireless accessories.

The Verso 9 range is loaded with all of the line’s most impressive technological options. The Binaural Fusion™ technology includes two main features - Binaural Directionality™ and Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II. The Binaural Directionality will greatly appeal to all users leading an active social life, whose normal listening environment is more difficult. It provides the wearer with an amazing speech understanding due to the wireless information exchange between the devices, especially when the surrounding area is noisy. The Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II feature studies the current environment and the received information results in an automatic adjustment of the hearing aids’ noise reduction settings, in order to deliver a maximum performance and user satisfaction.

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