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Phonak Audeo Yes Hearing Aids Review

Phonak Audeo Yes Phonak Audeo Yes

The hearing impaired, who are looking for receiver in the canal hearing aids should definitely consider the Phonak Audeo range, one of the leading brands sold by Hearing Direct. The Phonak Audeo Yes line, in particular, will appeal to all who want to enjoy the advantages of a high quality hearing aid that comes with an impressive technological portfolio but also looking for a modern, bold and unconventional design.

When it comes to sound processing and amplification, all of the devices within the Yes line benefit from one of the emblematic features of the Audeo range – the SPICE platform. The line is available in 3 technological levels – S3, S5 and S9 and has won several design awards. All devices benefit from the nano-coated ceramic case, which protects the delicate and fragile components from scratching, moisture, wax and dust. The hearing aids also share some specific features that are crucial for the level of performance. The UltraZoom option is very useful because it helps the user hear better in a noisy environment, where it is desirable to listen to several people. The quality of the hearing experience is further enhanced by some extra features – Soundrecover (better understanding of high frequency sounds), Noiseblock (minimizes background noise), Soundrelax (automatically decreases the level of overly loud noises) and Soundflow (makes automatic adjustments depending on the current listening environment). All of the Audeo Yes devices are wireless compatible and may be used with the following additional products - Phonak Compilot (a streamer device), Phonak TV Link S (a link to TV and other sound processing devices), Phonak Mypilot (an advanced remote control) and Phonak PilotOne (a basic remote control).

The most important features of the Phonak Audeo S3 Yes hearing aids include:

- multiple programmes for better adjustment

- 6 frequency channels

- microphone directionality which increases the level of speech understanding

- feedback suppression – annoying and irritating whistling sounds are eliminated thanks to the helpful Whistleblock feature

The Phonak Audeo Yes S5 hearing aids form the next technological level in the Audeo Yes line and will also impress users with their unique design and excellent natural amplification. The devices provide all of the features and options mentioned above typical of the Audeo products but at an advanced technological level in comparison to the Yes 3 line. The quality of the provided sound is further enhanced by 16 channels and excellent wireless compatibility to various devices, e.g. TVs, mobile phones, telephones and MP3 players.

Without a doubt, the best listening experience within the Audeo Yes line is provided by the Phonak Audeo S9 Yes hearing aids, where various Audeo options and features have reached their best possible level of comfort and performance. The S9 range gives the audiologists the greatest potential to precisely adjust the hearing aid to correspond as much as possible to the individual hearing condition of the user due to the impressive 20 channel sound processor.

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