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Phonak Audeo Mini Hearing Aids Review

Phonak Audeo Mini Phonak Audeo Mini

Hearing Direct has recently added some great new hearing aids to its varied catalogue– an excellent selection of Phonak Audeo receiver-in-the-canal devices, which come in different formats. The Mini format will appeal to all who are looking for the smallest hearing aids of this kind offered on the market that are able to provide an excellent amplification and clarity of sound.

The Phonak Audeo Mini receiver in the canal hearing aids will be a great asset to all hearing impaired users who would like to use a device that is both cosmetically appealing and yet allows the user to fully appreciate the diversity of the sounds around them.

The most discrete amongst the Audeo products is available in 3 technological bands - S3, S5 and S9.

Phonak Audeo S3 Mini is the smallest device in the S3 range. Due to its size, the device does not have a push button, which makes the sound processing completely automated. However, the hearing aid features excellent technology that is able to provide the user with significant sound quality, mainly because of the 6-channel sound processing through the SPICE chip set. The Nano-coated case gives further reliability to the hearing aid because it is better protected from moisture and wax in the ear canal. However, it is important to note that the device does not provide wireless connectivity

Phonak Audeo S5 Mini is another tiny sophisticated device, and the smallest in the S5 range, that will appeal to all hearing aid users who want to benefit from an aid that is as small as possible. This product cannot be used with Wi-Fi enabled devices but compensates this with other useful features. The sound is processed automatically and excellent quality is assured by the 16-channel processing through a powerful and speedy SPICE platform. The case is nano-coated and as such is well protected against scratches and it is possible to choose from a wide range of different colours.

Phonak Audeo S9 Mini is a product that provides users with the most advanced features and options in the Mini format and is yet remains incredibly small. Despite its size, the device does not make any compromise in performance. On the contrary, it provides natural comfort and richness of sound belying of its size. Its features include a powerful 20-channel sound processor and a significant variety of sound processing algorithms, which are typically found in other Phonak receiver in the canal hearing aids that are bigger in size, e.g. those featured in the Smart and Yes range. These algorithms (Soundflow, Echocheck, Whistleblock, Soundrecover,etc.) play an essential role in the strive to deliver a pure and clear sound. In order to achieve similar quality within a tiny size, additional features, such as a wireless connection option are excluded from the S3 and S5 models. The device’s components are well secured from the naturally humid environment of the ear by a Nano-coated ceramic case.

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