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  • Invisible Hearing Aids - Part Three

    In my last post on the subject of the ‘Invisible Hearing Aid’ I talked about some of the drivers behind the desire to have an invisible hearing aid in the first place. They are mostly a reflection...

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  • Spectacle Hearing Aids Explained

    A fair number of people ask us whether we supply spectacle hearing aids; perhaps because Jamie Murray Wells, the founder of GlassesDirect, is also HearingDirect’s chairman. I guess it would seem lik...

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  • You’re More Important Than Simon Cowell

    Recently I attended the eCommerce Awards dinner as HearingDirect had been shortlisted in the Best Start-up Company category. The ceremony was at the Gloucester Millennium Hotel in Kensington and we we...

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  • Review Of Hard Of Hearing Amplified Aids

    Hearing loss is more common than many people think. Around 9 million UK residents are defined as hard of hearing (source: the RNID 2005 survey), and many are categorised as having mild to moderate he...

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  • Invisible Hearing Aids - Part Two

    I have just finished reading a very interesting document prepared by an Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser in relation to a much wider issue but that, in part, touches on this current series of posts o...

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  • Keeping It In The Family

    When I get the chance to speak to people who are thinking of buying a hearing aid I often sense that they are nervous that the reality of what a hearing aid looks like might not be the same as the ima...

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  • The Perfect Christmas Gift For Teenagers

    HearingDirect.com was born with a vision to better serve the hearing impaired by giving easy access to state of the art digital hearing aids without having to endure the NHS or face the pressure sales...

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  • Invisible Hearing Aids

    Probably one of the most frequently requested items in the hearing aid industry is the ‘Invisible Hearing Aid’. Even today one’s ability to hear is treated a bit differently to one’s abil...

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  • HD350 Hearing Aid An Honest Review

    When buying anything over the Internet, I am an avid reader of customer reviews which can often provide an insight into something overlooked by the seller. I like honest reviews as anything written b...

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  • Used Hearing Aids - Should You, Would You?

    In more recent times, especially during a difficult financial period, second hand goods have become an increasingly popular choice for a large number of people. They offer the chance to buy an otherwi...

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