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New Hearing Aids, Accessories and Amplified Phones: October 2016

Hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and amplified phones are just a selection of new products we have added to our ever-growing online catalogue this month.

We have introduced a range of new products to benefit the hard of hearing, including our own brand of HearingDirect hearing aids to amplified phones from trusted brands such as Doro and Geemarc.

Our collection of new products is available across a range of countries, featuring the UK, USA and Australia.

HD500 on fingertip HD500 Digital Hearing Aid

We are very pleased to have introduced a new HearingDirect hearing aid. The HD 500 digital hearing aid is ready-to-wear, programmable to match hearing test results and has replaced the Persona Olé. Packed with the latest hearing technology, it’s designed to provide ultimate sound quality, be comfortable to wear and the HD 500 hearing aid takes first place in our range of quality hearing aids. HearingDirect hearing aids have been exclusively designed for us and our global customers and at HearingDirect you'll find a high-quality range of digital hearing aids at 90% cheaper than other brands.

HearingDirect also welcomed a new brand, along with some fine products.

CPR Call Blocker is a world leading manufacturer responsible for designing and distributing some of the most successful call blocking technologies and with CPR Call Blocker products, you will notice a huge reduction in unwanted sales calls.

We have a selection of blockers to prevent unwanted phone calls as keeping our loved ones safe from fraudsters has become a serious concern.

There are a number of new products that are only available in the United Kingdom. This month, we have added a selection of amplified phones and updated our range of hearing aids.

Our Doro Phones collection continues to grow. Doro is an innovative global manufacturer of communication technology for the hard of hearing. This month, we have added 3 new Doro amplified mobile phones to our current amplified phones range.

The Doro 5030 Loud Amplified Mobile Phone replaces the Doro 508. The sleek Doro 5030 is an amplified mobile phone with Bluetooth, a well-spaced keypad, clear colour display and extra loud, adjustable volume, making a phone call should be a pleasure rather than a task. The phone features an 83dB ringer volume, which is about 5 times louder than a standard mobile!

When it comes to extra loud mobile phones Doro 6520 Clamshell Loud Mobile Phone is both compact and simple to use. Offering amplified receiver volume of up to 35dB the Doro 6520 plays host to an array of features, such as backlit keys, a large, high-contrast 2.8’ screen and vibrating visual ringer indicator.

The Doro 6530 Clamshell Loud Mobile Phone is very similar to the 6520, but offers more valuable features and provides the additional support of an assistance button. Boasting a large display screen for easy viewing, megapixel camera, torch and 3G connectivity means you can browse the web, send emails and use the GPS function. The Doro 65300 makes communicating a simpler experience for those with a hearing impairment.

If you remain undecided on which amplified mobile phone is for you, then check out our Doro Phones Review for some assistance.

We have added to our expansive range of home, work and desk telephones. Our selection of amplified phones has grown due to the arrival of several new Geemarc products.

We already stock the Geemarc Amplidect 280 and 285, but now, they are available in duo and trio sets.

The Geemarc AmpliDect 280 Amplified Cordless Duo Telephones and 285 Amplified Cordless Trio Phones are hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting. The innovative Geemarc 280 and 285 amplified cordless telephones have all the features you would expect for ease of use, complete with all the high-tech features you would expect from top-quality cordless telephones.

As well as the 280 and 285 models, we now stock the Geemarc AmpliDect 260 Trio Set Amplified Cordless Telephone. The AmpliDECT 260 Trio amplified cordless phones come pre-paired meaning the handsets can be plugged in and used straight from the box and offer high-quality, extra loud and distortion free volume.

We are now advertising a premium range of ReSound hearing aids. *

GN ReSound launched their flagship range of premium hearing aids, the LiNX2 series, in April 2015. The ReSound LiNX2 comes in three models, the LiNX2 5, LiNX2 7 and the LiNX2 9. The LiNX 5 model is the most basic of the lot whereas the LiNX 9 comes with extra features and is the top model of the LiNX 2 range. The LiNX2 9 digital hearing aid is bursting technology. With both wind noise reduction features and an impressive environmental optimizer program, this powerful hearing aid is ideal for those who like to live life to the full. The ReSound LiNX2 9 can even be paired with an Apple device!

As well as the LiNX2 selection, ReSound also produce another set of digital hearing aids, known as Enya. ReSound introduced the Enya range in October 2015 to provide a cheaper alternative to their LiNX2 hearing aids. Much like the LiNX2 range, the Enya hearing aids come in three models, the Enya 2, Enya 3 and Enya 4, with the latter being the most sophisticated of the three. The Enya 4 is the premium hearing aid of this collection, providing excellent sound quality and value for money.

HearingDirect added a selection of CPR Call Blocker products that are available in the UK, USA and Australia. There are, however, two products that will be available in the UK only.

The first is a mobile phone. The CPR CS600 Call Blocker Mobile Phone guards against nuisance calls, can blacklist numbers and can raise the alarm in an emergency. There is also a “White List” function that only allows pre-approved numbers to be put through, providing protection from unsolicited calls. The second is the Call Blocker Protect + is designed to safeguard us from the persistence of the cold caller and only trusted numbers saved in the Call Blocker will be put through. It’s that simple!

As ever, we are always growing our US products and we have a number of items that are only available in the US.

This month, as a US exclusive, we have added the Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System. The Clarity AL10 is a visual alert system designed for those with mild to profound hearing loss. The alert system will warn you of an incoming telephone call and it will even react to the ringing of a doorbell.

At HearingDirect we are always aiming to improve the amount and quality of products that we can bring to you. We only stock items from trusted and reliable brands and next month we strive to add more beneficial products to our website.

If you have any questions on any of our new or current product, then please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to help you.

If you have any queries regarding your hearing, try our free online hearing check. The hearing check is designed to help identify people who believe they may have a form of hearing loss and encourage them to take action.

*Please note that the ReSound hearing aids are not directly retailed from HearingDirect, we only advertise them on the website.