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Latest Hearing Aids Features

The pace and quantity of change in the development of hearing aids has never been greater than today. One breakthrough is the change in the power source for the various hearing aid models. Progress in technology will make it possible for hearing aids to be able to use rechargeable batteries. The creation of the power management chip will allow hearing aid manufacturers to use rechargeable micro batteries without modifications to signal processing. Unlike standard batteries, rechargeable ones will provide a full day of use with a practical charging overnight. They will also produce considerably less waste and will be entirely recyclable.

Another feature in development is a signal processing mechanism which will detect the portions that code speech and the ones that code undesirable noise. By designing a physiologically-based algorithm, which stimulates the way brain perceives sound, researchers believe they will be able to recognise how specific neurons in the brainstem react to sound and distinguish sensitive signals from noise. Thereby, the new system will allow noise level reduction while increasing speech lucidity.

An electro-acoustic transducer, which transmits amplified mechanical vibrations, is the newest affordable implantable hearing aid module. It is designed to improve the hearing ability of patients and can be implanted into a recipient in outpatient surgery.

Despite the challenges, hearing aids that use wireless technology are now available from Hearing Direct. They wirelessly stream audio from various devices including TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth connection or audio streamer adapter.

Examples from hearingdirect.com range and branded range

What makes Hearing Direct different is that we simply do whatever it takes to find the correct solution to meet the needs of our customers.

Hearing aids from the Phonak series feature stylish design, SPICE chip set, fast 16 - 20 channel sound processing with innovative Quest chip platform, SoundFlow environmental algorithm, multiple programme options, wireless and telecoil technology, TV, telephone, as well as MP3 connectivity. Certain Phonak hearing aids have a scratch and water repellent housing, automatic environment adaption options and innovative directionality over UltraZoom. They are suitable for up to profound loss and are available in discreet behind the ear formats.

ReSound offers one of the smallest RICs on the market. They feature a moisture resistant iSolate nanotech coating and option for remote control, a fully customisable tinnitus sound generator, wireless connectivity, and background noise suppression. Additionally, they provide an option for changing programmes to suit to variable surroundings. These aids are built to manage powerful amplification and include a surround sound processor, as well as an analogue, wheel volume control. Data logging for intelligent systems, long battery life and dual microphone technology are extras that add even more value to ReSound hearing aids.

Other branded hearing aids on Hearing Direct having similar and even broader functions are: Starkey, Siemens and Widex.

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