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Large Button Phones Types and Considerations

Amplified and big button phones have developed greatly in recent years and they now offer some superb help for those that find traditional phones difficult to see well enough or hear through. They come in similar styles to their traditional counterparts i.e. corded desk phones and cordless ‘walkabout’ handsets.

PowerTel 60Amplicom PowerTel 60 Big Button Amplified Phone is one of the loudest models on the market. The phone is hearing aid compatible and the level of the receiving volume can be increased up to an impressive 60dB, which makes it very attractive for people with medium to severe hearing loss. The illuminated large dialling buttons and caller ID display make it very easy to use and the extra loud ringer volume guarantees that you will not miss an important call. Other useful features of the device include a hands free speakerphone, an alphanumeric phone book with 32 entries, 2 direct dial buttons for emergency numbers, redialling and tone dialling options.

100VMGeemarc Dallas 100VM Big Button Voice Modulation Telephone is another very popular phone that is easy to use and compatible with most hearing aids. In comparison to other amplified phones, it offers one very beneficial feature – a voice modulation indicator that shows the user the volume level of their outgoing speech while using the phone. It is very suitable for elderly people due to its user-friendly big button keypad and bright ringer indicator. The receiving volume control can be increased up to 30dB and the ringer tone and volume are also easily adjustable.

PhotoPhone 300The Geemarc Amplified Photo Phone 300 attracts users with a very interesting feature – 6 picture memory buttons, which can be customized and make it even easier to see if the call is coming from a close family member or anyone whose phone number is included in that group. The volume control can be adjusted to up to 30dB and further benefits include alarge caller ID, new call and message waiting indicator, as well as a hands free speakerphone.

AmpliDect 280Geemarc AmpliDect 280 Amplified Cordless Telephone is a great asset for all who prefer a light and elegant portable model equipped with all modern features. The device can be comfortably used by those wearing a hearing aid and gives a possibility to adjust the volume control up to 30dB and receiving tone control with +/-10dB. The phone will also appeal to those suffering from visual impairment due to the large backlit display with big characters and the backlit keypad that also features large buttons. The phone book can memorise up to 50 contacts and other useful features include a hands free speakerphone, torch and caller ID.

PowerTel 700Amplicom PowerTel 700 Cordless Telephone is one of Hearing Direct’s best products in this category. The handset offers an impressive potential volume (up to 40 dB) and a ringer volume (up to 90dB). This great amplification is also accompanied by a crystal clear sound with minimum levels of distortion. The base has a beeping pager function that allows easy location of the handset. Other convenient features are a hands free speakerphone, alarm and the possibility to memorise the favoured individual tone and volume preferences of more than one user.

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