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Keeping It In The Family

When I get the chance to speak to people who are thinking of buying a hearing aid I often sense that they are nervous that the reality of what a hearing aid looks like might not be the same as the images they can see on the website. There is a niggling doubt that the pictures may have been photo-shopped or airbrushed to produce a slick marketing image impossible to achieve in the real world.  It is great to be able to reassure them that the in the ear product shots on HearingDirect.com are all genuine and the reason that I know this?  It’s my ear!  So when asked what does a HD350 look like or how visible is an HD100, I can speak with confidence from personal experience.

There’s another neat trick that can be derived from the product shots of my ear, I can show you how an ear ages over a few decades.  My father was one of the first to buy a pair of HD350s - yes I did charge him the full amount!  He had previously been wearing a very expensive pair of in the ear products but was increasingly frustrated by their lack of reliability, so switched to the most robust behind the ear products.  So below you can see my father’s ear aged in his seventies and compare it to my ear aged in my forties.  I hope you think that both look pretty discrete and not a photo-shop or airbrush in sight.

This pair of pictures also is a good demonstration that with a bit of hair, (father is blessed with a good resilient mop which I trust has been genetically passed to me), the hearing aid can be invisible. Our ears never stop growing so his ears will be slightly larger than mine and in these pictures it shows that being so small you cannot see the HD350 at all from the side.  The only evidence is the tube which I think he could have tucked in slightly better but I wasn’t there at the “photo shoot” which was done by my mother (Well done Ma but stick to the day job!) so nothing was dressed up for the occasion.

I know that it may sound slightly strange but if you are one of our customers and want to send in a picture of your hearing aid in your ear to reassure others that they are as good as the website pictures, I would be delighted to receive them.  If we get enough we may even set up a Reader’s Ear page!

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