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How Much Do Boots Hearing Aids Cost?

Boots hearing aids present a popular option when purchasing a hearing aid privately.  Boots offer a range of devices from a range of top brands.

In this blog post, we analyse Boots hearing aids and compare them against to Specsavers, as well as our own brand of hearing aids.

Boots Hearing Aids

In the UK, there are two main ways to acquire hearing aids. You either have to purchase them privately from a registered dispenser such as Boots, or you can take the NHS route where hearing aids can be free of charge.

Many people prefer to buy a hearing aid privately and this is down to so many reasons. For example:

  • There is a wide choice of hearing aids available
  • You can choose the brands, shape or design
  • More options to suit your hearing needs
  • Various prices for varying models
  • Ease and speed of purchase

Alternatively, you can order digital hearing aids online and have them delivered straight to your door. Buying hearing aids online can be a quick and easy way to acquire a new hearing aid. At HearingDirect.com, we offer an affordable alternative to buying hearing aids from the high street. We have a selection of hearing aids that have been designed with price in mind.

How Much do Boots Hearing Aids Cost?

The only real alternative to getting a new hearing aid, other the NHS, is to buy one privately. This can be done at a few high street retailers such as Boots or Specsavers, or you can head to online dispensers such as ourselves.

Boots hearing aids start from £345 for one and £495 for a pair. These prices are very competitive and are very similar to their high street rival, Specsavers, whose hearing aids start at £495 (also for a pair).

They offer a range of models from a variety of brands which all differ in price. For example, some of their Phonak devices cost over £2,000. This is, however, their Premium Range and they provide lower-priced hearing aids within their Digital Value Range. Boots also offer a free aftercare programme that lasts for like and will be provided by a qualified hearing care professional.

HD500 on fingertip HD500

Our hearing aids start at lower prices than Boots and Specsavers. The Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Range starts from much lower prices. Our entry-level device, the HD 91 is designed to please those who value simplicity without compromising on quality. As with many of our hearing aids, you can simply put it in and then completely forget about it, leaving you free to enjoy your lifestyle to the full. For our top-end spec, the HD 500 would be more beneficial and it comes bursting with the latest features, as well as being highly affordable.

Which Hearing Aid Batteries are Compatible with Boots Hearing Aids?

Boots hearing aids come from a selection of leading manufacturers and brands. You can buy Phonak, Widex, Starkey and other brands of hearing aids from Boots. You can also use our services to purchase devices from these and other brands too!

Our hearing aid batteries are compatible and fit into the hearing aids that Boots retail as well as branded devices. Boots, however, only stock a small sample of batteries online, whereas we offer the common and most popular sizes of battery. You can even bulk buy batteries so you never get caught short of power again!

At HearingDirect.com, our hearing aid batteries come in the most key sizes. We provide batteries in size 10, 13, 312, and size 675, and all are available from a range of top battery supplies such as Rayovac and Power One. Our battery packs also come in packs of 60 to 120 so you don't have to worry about running out of power and having to constantly buy more batteries.

Like our own brand of hearing aids, we also have a line of Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries that are compatible with any hearing aid models.

Hearing Aid Brands & Technology

Boots hearing aids come from a mix of brands, all with varying levels of technology. In many cases, the more technical features a hearing aid has, the higher the price tag.

With so many hearing aids on offer today, finding the right hearing aid for with all the right features you need may require a little bit of research. Everybody's hearing loss will be slightly different and you may need a different selection of features to help you successfully manage your hearing impairment.

Our digital hearing aids have been designed with simplicity in mind, but also to provide up-to-date features so you can receive the listening experience you desire. The HD 250 and HD 392 are a couple of our mid-range devices that boast super value for money and some of the latest features like speech focus, background noise suppression, feedback shield, and more. If you are seeking a device with the latest tech, our most advanced model is the HD 500, which when worn, is almost invisible.

Boots hearing aids come complete with some high-level pieces of tech. Brands such as Phonak and GN ReSound boast some of the newest features on the market. If you are looking for hearing aids from these top, global manufacturers, you can use HearingDirect.com to help decide on makes, models, and kickstart the buying process.

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Author: Stuart Canterbury

Stuart joined the hearing aid industry just at the start of the digital revolution in the mid 1990s.  He was part of a team that transformed one of the minor manufacturers in to a major player in both production and retail of high technology hearing aids.  This journey included working on public / private programmes to accelerate the uptake of high technology hearing aids across a wide distribution.  This passion for improving the value and access to good quality hearing lead to the foundation of HearingDirect.  After almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of customers we are starting to establish online sales as a practical, cost-effective channel to provide great hearing to all those who need help.