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How Long Is The Wait For Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are both sold privately and are free from the NHS. Both have advantages and drawbacks in terms of cost, type, availability and waiting time. How long is the waiting time for an NHS Hearing Aid and how does that compare to the waiting time for private dispensers?

Getting a hearing aid is a huge step for many. Recognizing that you have a hearing problem and looking for a solution is the best action you can take to improve your lifestyle and confidence and gain more independence. Losing your hearing can also mean loss of social connections as it becomes harder to interact with people. Hearing aids are widely available and offered in a variety of models, designs and colours. You can choose the one that best fits your specific hearing impairment condition and personal taste.

How Long is the Waiting Time for NHS Hearing Aids?

Receiving a hearing aid from the NHS, while free of charge, may be a bit lengthy in terms of the application process and waiting time. First, you need to go through your GP who will refer you to an audiologist. The audiologist will then perform a professional hearing test to determine the exact type and degree of hearing loss. This usually happens about six weeks after your GP refers you. Afterwards, the audiologist will recommend the best hearing aid for you and make another appointment to fit your hearing aid. You should be aware, though, that the hearing aid types offered by the NHS are much more limited than those you can obtain privately.

Depending on the hearing aid that you obtain and the supplier, you will have a certain waiting time until it's fitted. The NHS waiting time may last from a few weeks up to three months. Some hearing aids need adjustments after you start using them. You will need to be patient, your brain needs to adjust to the new range of sounds it's hearing. You may need to wait quite some time before you feel the full benefits of your hearing aid. This is totally normal.

How long does it take to get Hearing aids privately

Another option is to purchase your hearing aids from a private dispenser, either from a high street shop or online. The hearing aids offered privately cover all types and models that are available on the market. You will have an abundance of choices and have the opportunity to find the perfect hearing aid for you.

Buying your hearing aid privately will substantially shorten your waiting time. You will be able to benefit from your hearing aid much faster. Purchasing a hearing aid from the high street will involve making an appointment which can last over an hour. Then there is possibly another wait to receive your hearing aid. Whereas purchasing a hearing aid from hearing direct not only saves you a significant amount of money, but also means that you will receive it within 24hrs.

Ordering from Hearing Direct means that your hearing aid will arrive on your doorstep within 24 hours of your order. We also have an online Hearing Test which takes the same form as the test an audiologist will perform and only takes 3 minutes. We can program most of our hearing aids with the result of the audiogram before we send them to you. The hearing aids offered on the website do not require taking an impression of the individual ear (recent models use open fit technology). You can therefore choose your hearing device, purchase it today and receive it tomorrow.

In case it is not the perfect fit or if you do not feel a significant benefit from your hearing aids you can return them within 30 days and receive a full refund. Moreover, the warranty period covers a whole year and the device is sent with a fresh packet of batteries so you can start using your hearing aid straight away.

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