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How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

How long do hearing aid batteries last? This is an important question for users of hearing aids to consider. The lifespan of hearing aid batteries can be crucial when it comes down to purchasing a new device or looking for value for money. In this post, we highlight the need to know information about battery life and share tips on getting the best from the cells.

Why Is Battery Life Important?

Worrying about how long your hearing aid batteries are going to last is a constant problem for hearing aid users. It is a legitimate question, one that we've discussed before in the post 'Hearing Aid Batteries Questions and Answers', however, we felt that this topic deserves more attention for a number of reasons.

1. The battery's duration may be a consideration when buying a new hearing aid. You may prefer to buy one model instead of the other due to cell lifespan.

2. The cost and daily calculation of operating a hearing aid may be a further consideration. (Essential read: How Much Do Hearing Aid Batteries Cost?)

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Much like many battery-related questions, this one is dependant on many variables. Your device will usually dictate the required battery and because of this, we need to consider the impact of a number of elements, which are highlighted in the next segment.

how long do hearing aid batteries last HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid

If we take a look at some of our devices, our HD 91, 151, 230, require size 10 batteries with an estimated 70 hours of battery life. In comparison, our HD 420 requires a size 312 battery which boasts an estimated 185 hours of power. Ultimately, this is down to the technological features each device possesses and battery size. For perspective, the HD 91 is our entry-level hearing aid with one of the smallest batteries going. You can compare our hearing aids quickly with this handy chart.

What Impacts Battery Life?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. A number of factors will influence cell life.  So, to know how long hearing aid batteries last, the following things need to be considered:

1. The model - There are many hearing aid devices on the market, and some are better than others at preserving sources. Even within a hearing aid manufacturers brand, one model may be better than another in terms of battery consumption.

2. Type of use - Naturally, the more you use the device, the quicker the batteries will deplete. Hearing aids belong to a group of high demanding devices and require optimal power consistently. It is only when the device is switched off that power is not used.

3. Brand of batteries and power technology - There are a number of brands for providing specialist hearing aid batteries, from Rayovac to Duracell. Within each brand, there are normally two or more lines of power technology, so this factor will also influence battery life.

4. All zinc-air batteries rely on the air entering the battery to start the reaction that produces power. When you first receive your battery, it will have an adhesive tab on the bottom to prevent air from entering the battery and starting the reaction. As soon as this tab is removed, the reaction and battery life begin. Therefore, the batteries life will continue to deplete, even if not in use, once this tab is removed.

As a consequence of these various interrelational factors, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with your device’s low battery warning notification process. After a while, you will become accustomed to the duration to expect for your particular hearing aid and its typical usage pattern.

Furthermore, you should consider carrying an additional battery set just to be on the safe side, and as a final tip, make sure you follow our recommendation for the safe storage of these batteries.

How To Achieve Optimal Battery Life

It is only fair to want the batteries you buy to last and go the distance. As one of the most essential components to a fully-functioning hearing aid, you will expect cells to have both a long shelf life and actually emit power for a long duration of time. You can learn more about how to extend the life of hearing aid batteries in this blog post - it will outline everything you can do to help your batteries go a long way.

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