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I hope all and sundry enjoyed the festival atmosphere of the Royal Wedding and the fabulous weather combined with recent long weekends. We have been busy during the period with many customers electing to buy TV Listeners for the big day, as reported in the Daily Mail last week.

We have also been busy adding some more choice to HearingDirect.com with the introduction of three new brands of hearing aid batteries in the form of Duracell and PowerOne. We have priced them, as usual, very competitively and so no matter your preference, you know you will still be buying at great value.

Duracell offer an additional benefit apart from a very good pedigree in battery manufacture, in the form of ‘Easy Tab’; a great concept which provides a larger and longer tab on the rear of the battery. This is designed to make the insertion of the battery much easier, using the longer tab to hold the battery and place it in the battery tray of the hearing aid and removing the tab once in place. As a result of this concept, these batteries have become very popular, particularly for those customers that may have limited dexterity. If you buy batteries for others, it may well be worth paying that little bit extra for this very useful feature.

The PowerOne brand of batteries are the choice most popular with the NHS and therefore it makes sense that we also offer them as part of our battery range. These are normally issued free of charge for NHS hearing aid users but for those wishing to use the preferred choice of battery for the NHS then these are now available at very competitive prices.

Panasonic have a very good history of high quality electronic manufacture and this is reflected in their hearing aid battery production. Another popular choice for powering hearing aids, the Panasonic batteries have a smooth power delivery system that helps maintain optimum hearing aid performance. At just £2.99 for six they are our top of the range batteries for the most discerning of customers.

If your preferred brand of hearing aid battery is not featured on HearingDirect, please do let us know and we will endeavour to source it for you (at outstanding prices as always!).

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