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Hard Of Hearing Smartphone Options

Mobile technologies change our behaviour fundamentally. Numerous smartphone options that offer more functionalities than mere access to the Internet are transforming more the way we socialise. Certainly the smartphone surpasses the function of a communication device. People virtually carry their lives on it.

Which hearingdirect.com mobile phones have smart capabilities

Within the product range of Amplified Mobile Phones offered by hearingdirect.com is the recently launched Doro PhoneEasy® 615 Mobile Phone. It is an innovative, refined and elegant clamshell smartphone for receiving and making calls. Among its features is an easy to use camera that enables picture messaging when taking photos. Additionally, it has enhanced sound, Bluetooth™, charging cradle, SMS button and direct memory. Smartphones like Doro PhoneEasy® 615 are life savers. It is a useful and simple solution to an intricate problem.

Doro PhoneEasy 610 Mobile Phone has the same ergonomic design as Doro PhoneEasy 615. It incorporates improvements such as soft touch coating, raised edges and comfortable widely spaced and concave keys. Doro PhoneEasy® 610 is robust and offers a long battery life.

Android and iPhone apps for hard of hearing

Smartphones are playing an important role within the health sector. Mobile applications that could be used to help fight hearing impairment are already widely available.

Video conferencing and free chat services such as Skype and ooVoo allow sign language users to use video communication and storage text.

iPhone apps

Action on Hearing Loss’s Hearing Check app enables users to test how good their hearing is. A similar hearing loss screening test application is uHear.

FaceTime is a video calling app, which makes it possible for people to witness the caller on their screen in real-time.

Alternative Alerts provide vibrating and visual alerts for new text messages; incoming calls, sent as well as received email, and more.

Android apps

Google Voice is an app for making calls, sending messages, listening to voicemail and having it transformed into text for free.

Handcent SMS is an app for handling text messages, which offers a variety of options such as changing fonts, background colours, etc. It can be launched on both Android and iPhone.

Both OS support tools allow people to tag places. These tools are direction apps which improve communications for hard of hearing people when they enter locations, including railway stations and airports. One such is Assist-Mi, which notifies participants about the user’s location, while transmitting their access needs so they can be correctly accommodated by members of the staff. Another example is GoGenie which assists the deaf in finding access information for various locations based on the comments of others.

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