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Getting Things Just Right… Exactly Right

A couple of months ago there was a wedding in Micheldever and an enterprising soul (Marrion HearingDirect’s one time bookkeeper) saw the opportunity of maximising the use of the marquee that was going to be the reception venue. So on the Saturday there was a beautiful church wedding followed by a wonderful reception in the enormous marquee for the dashing groom and his beautiful bride. Well, I assume that this was the case as I didn’t make the wedding guest list, so I am working off the news crumbs cast from the favoured few.

The following day after a manic makeover of the marquee, Marrion and her press-ganged crew held a village ball in the aid of a selection of charities. The criteria for making the cut of this particular guest list was financial rather than social, so Bethan and I threw money at the problem and raised our status from social pariahs to valued members of society.

A village ball can conjure images of disappointing food combined with mediocre entertainment washed down with cheap wine but all hail to Marrion , it was a fine night and worth every penny. To further bolster the coffers of the worthy charities there was a silent auction followed by the major money spinner of the main auction. Prices were not quite in the category of “what money can’t buy” but there was a very fair selection of highly desirable attractions to suit one and all. Now, those who know Bethan well will be aware of the inflammatory properties of Bethan combined with champagne combined with charity auctions. Many a prize has been considered worthy of generous attention only to wilt under slightly more sober scrutiny the following morning. And so it was with a Cornish Cottage for a long weekend. The problem was not the cottage which oozed Cornish cuteness or the location perched on the side of the river Helston but the fact that it didn’t take dogs or children, a fact that was only unearthed while writing the cheque the following day. And so it is that I came to book a train from Newbury to Falmouth for a couple of days off last week.

I often take the train but it is invariably to and from London, and even more invariably against the commuter tide so I have never bothered with booking a seat. The crowds getting on the train at off peak times in Micheldever can some times number two or even more, so no pressure on seating. However, for the longer haul down to Falmouth I thought that securing a good spot would be very worthwhile. Working for an online sales company, one does become quite nerdy regarding websites and I was very impressed with the ease of which I could extend my normal booking procedure to include a seat. Even more impressed that I could specify direction of travel, hugely impressed that I could select window or aisle seat and frankly blown away by being able to choose window seat and proximity to power socket. Well done the trainline.com

I selected a window seat, at a table, facing the direction of travel next to a power socket.

I am writing this blog in my reserved seat – with my back to the direction of travel, being jogged by overweight travellers who can’t squeeze their portly bodies past my aisle seat, being cursed by those tripping over my laptop power cable which is stretched to its full length in order to reach the closest working power socket and balancing everything on my knees as the nearest table is five rows away. Trainline.com you’re rubbish!!

It’s all very well offering a smorgasbord of selections but if you can’t deliver you are merely pedalling dissatisfaction. I am dissatisfied.

At HearingDirect almost every product has a plethora of varieties within its options. Left or right, different colours, different tube lengths and different dome sizes. These options are all available and I encourage our customers to avail themselves of them as getting something just right is the key to satisfaction. If your hearing aid fit isn’t quite right try a different dome or a longer tube, as unlike Trainline.com we are passionate about getting things right, exactly right for our customers.

Image by flickr under cc license.

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