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Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headphone Review

Unfortunately the Geemarc CLA3 is no longer available. View our current full range of Geemarc products here.

When it comes to living with hearing loss, it is the smallest of things that can sometimes make life just that little bit easier. To find headphones that are hearing aid compatible is just one of those accessories that can transform the way you link up to the hearing world. Music, films and your favourite soaps on TV can be readily accessible with such a simple device.

There’s a general misconception behind the words ‘ hearing aid compatible’. Many people perceive wrongly that this term means the headphones operate despite the use of a hearing aid, with no detrimental effect on output. The correct use of the term is something quite different. Hearing aid compatible headphones are designed to work in conjunction with your hearing aid, via T coil couplers. Sound is streamed directly from the headphones to your hearing aids, where your personal settings can be utilised to ensure sound quality is maximised.

So what are the benefits of hearing aid headphones compared to a normal set?

  • Specific hearing aid headphones can provide greater levels of amplification, thanks to high quality sound being streaming directly to your hearing aids.
  • You stand to benefit from interference –free connectivity.
  • They prove particularly useful for difficult sound environments with a lot of background noise or if you require hands free use.
  • When connected to your PC, laptop, CD and DVD player, MP4, MP3, mobile phone and game consoles, the same great quality sound can be achieved.
  • They provide flexibility. The choice is yours, as to whether you wish to wear them with or without your hearing aids in place. There is even the possibility that for some, the headphones will transmit the same sounds to your hearing aids when worn around the neck. (This opportunity does vary depending upon your hearing aid, so you would need to experiment).

With technology pushing the boundaries forward all the time, there are now a number of hearing aid compatible headphones on the market. Our favourite, which we stock at Hearing Direct, is the Geemarc CLA3.

Benefits of the Geemarc CLA3

  • It comes with a twin 3.5mm connection and a 2.5mm adaptor to enable you to connect to phones, DVD players, computers, game consoles and other such electronic devices.
  • Designed to connect with the ClearSound range of telephones.
  • T coil couplers for both ears are provided, which can be worn alongside T Coil hearing aids for ultimate interference free connectivity.
  • It has an extra responsive microphone that amplifies your voice, enabling others to hear you clearly when in a noisy environment.
  • Designed to provide quality sound and a comfortable fit.
  • Built in volume control.

If you feel inspired by what the Geemarc CLA3 could do for you and would like more information on this product, just click on the Hearing Direct website. We’re here to help.

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