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Geemarc CL8350 Amplified Mobile Phone Review

Geemarc amplified phones ease communication for those with hearing loss and provide an expansive range of extra loud mobile phones.

This phone has been discontinued, but you can view our full range of Amplified Mobile Phones.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

So this is a review by Hearing Direct of the Geemarc CL8350 amplified mobile phone. As with all amplified phones here at Hearing Direct, all mobile phones rather, they are all unlocked, so you can use any SIM card from any network provider with the exception of Network 3. So Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, etc., all of them can take or can be used, their SIM cards can be used in this mobile phone which means if you have an existing contracts or pay as you go relationship with credit and obviously a phone number that you won't keep then you can just simply take your SIM card out of your current phone and put it straight into this phone or to any of the amplified mobile phones and you are ready to go.

So looking at this phone, in particular, the CL8350, this is one of the loudest mobile phones in production, it goes up to a maximum of 40 decibels on voice, so that is the incoming voice amplification, that makes it the loudest phone, there are no louder mobile phones than 40 decibels, so from that perspective it's certainly top of the range, you can see clearly here that it is a traditional type of phone in the form of a tablet design rather than a flip phone or clam shell. It comes with its own cradle stand which is also the way in which the phone is charged when connected to the mains. In addition to the charging cradle, there is also an option to charge the phone here at the top, so you can actually leave the cradle through travelling or if you don't use the cradle then you can charge the phone from the top.

In addition, this phone is also Bluetooth, so you can connect it to via several different Bluetooth devices including hands-free headsets, etc., just looking at the phone itself, it's extremely simple in its design, you have got the menu navigation up and down arrows here, the answer or make call or end call which is also the power on and power off button and then you have 3 and 1 and 2 and 3, 3 speed dials here, where any 3 numbers from the phone book which this phone has several listings or several phone book entries that you can make in terms of names and numbers as with most mobiles but three of them can be allocated to the speed dials, so it's really just a case of dialing just by pressing the one speed dial to whoever you wish to connect with. So very, very simple to use keypad, nothing complicated at all, and a good size colour screen which has got extra large fonts available to make the screen easier to see, particularly useful when texting.

In addition on the side of the phone, on this side you have got two buttons, you have got the boost button which is designed to take the phone to its maximum level of amplification and this here is the tone adjuster. On the back here you have the battery panel here and here you have the SOS feature, which is a great feature. It's designed to enable when activated, the phone will then call a list of preset numbers to let the people know that are receiving that call that the owner of the phone is in need of emergency assistance. So a great little feature. In addition on this side of the phone you can see those little headphone sockets for a hard wired hands-free option or headphone socket, and you also have the up and down volume for the phone itself, which I used in combination with the boost button over here, so when you press the boost button, that takes the phone into maximum level of amplification and then you can still adjust that up and down by using this volume here.

So a great little phone, and ideal for somebody looking for something with really good levels of volume but it is very simple and easy to use and doesn’t contain a whole bunch of complicated features. So we would certainly recommend it, but if you would like some more information about the CL8350 from Geemarc then do call our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week 9 to 5, or out of those hours you can email us at customerservices@hearingdirect.com.

Main Features Of The Geemarc CL8350:

  • Adjustable receiving volume control : up to 40dB Adjustable receiving tone control : up to 10dB
  • Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting
  • 3 one-touch memories
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Caller ID
  • 7 levels for the volume of speakerphone
  • Big button keypad with high contrast and backlighting
  • Key lock
  • Phone book : 300 entries
  • Missed call indicator
  • Mute feature
  • Alarm clock including snooze function
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