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Geemarc CL8300 Amplified Mobile Phone Review

Geemarc amplified phones make communication easier for those with hearing loss and provide an expansive range of amplified telephones and mobile phones.

Amplified mobile phones fall into a whole variety of different categories according to manufacturers and retailers alike. For me they fall into two categories; those that are simple and easy to use and those that promise the earth in terms of functionality if only you had the time to read the accompanying 350-page user guide to steer you through the seemingly endless menus & options. Thankfully the Geemarc CL8300 mobile phone falls into the former category. It does not provide access to the world wide web to enable you to view a website that is difficult enough to comprehend on a full-size computer screen let alone something less than 2 inches across. Nor can it dazzle you with the number of megapixels to be obtained from a built-in digital camera. It also won’t keep you updated with the vast quantity of unsolicited email otherwise awaiting your pleasure. What it does provide for very adequately is the reason mobile phones were invented in the first place; to make and receive calls when you are out and about. It has an extra loud ringer to ensure you don’t miss an important call and once connected can provide a much louder speaker’s voice to ensure you can hear the contents of  that important call. The buttons for the numbers are extra large to enable easy dialling and the screen uses extra large text to make the incoming or outgoing number easily read. And for the more daring it does also offer the facility to send and receive the odd text message.

This phone can:

•    Make and receive telephone calls
•    Send and receive text messages
•    All with simple and easy to use buttons and extra large characters with a loud ringtone (if required) and an extra loud speakers voice

This phone cannot:

•    Take pictures
•    Browse the Internet
•    Send and receive emails
•    Play music and videos
•    Offer you your choice of radio stations

In summary, if you don’t want a mobile phone that drowns out the process of utilising it for the very reason it was invented with features you never use and/or never understand then this is the phone for you. If you do want a phone that offers the additional benefit of adjustable extra loud volume for the speakers voice or incoming call alert then the Geemarc CL8300 mobile phone for you.

The CL8300 has been replaced by the Geemarc CL8360 Extra Loud Mobile Phone

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