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Geemarc CL2 Review

The CL2 is Geemarc’s flagship door bell and telephone alerter for use in residential properties and business premises. It can be used by the hard of hearing or in a noisy business premises where normal devices have failed. The Geemarc CL2 does it all in a well packaged and affordable manner. The wall mounted device which is fully adjustable (both in tone & volume) is used to indicate an incoming call and optionally used as a battery powered wireless door bell with a range of up to 60 meters.

The Problem:

For the hard of hearing notification of an incoming phone call or for someone at the door can prove difficult. Even in mild cases of hearing loss, the combination of hearing loss together with a multi-level home can make hearing the phone or door bell hard. Geemarc’s approach is to use a plug-n-play device which triggers other senses such as sight together with sound amplification.

Main Benefits Include:

●    Powered by the mains so you don’t have to rely on battery power which helps with consistency of performance.
●    Slim design of 19.5cm x 5cm x 11cm means it will not standout and can be easily placed in a variety of locations.
●    Requires no technical knowledge and can be fitted simply by plugging in a phone cord.
●    Fits any telephone, from the simplest BT phone to the latest gadget rich cordless phone.
●    The device alerts you using amplified sound of up to 95db and by using flashing lights for complete sensory trigger. An optional vibrating pad (CLA 2) can be fitted as well to be placed under your pillow.

With the Geemarc CL2 you will never miss another call or the delivery of an important parcel!

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