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Fuss Free Phones: How does it work?

Unfortunately this product is no longer supported. View our range of products here.

Fuss Free Phones is an exciting mobile phone concierge service with a 24-hour telephonist to provide around-the-clock support for those with hearing loss.

Fuss Free Phones are easy-to-use mobile phones. Designed with hearing impairments in mind, Fuss Free Phones remove complicated technologies, simplifying the mobile experience, so that you can easily connect with loved ones. With just one button to press, never has staying in touch been so simple! The mobile service can also provide efficiency and speed in times of emergency.

What does Fuss Free Phones offer:

  • Make your own calls or use the concierge service.
  • Help on hand in an emergency.
  • Someone to manage your phonebook, like an old-fashioned Personal Assistant.
  • Bridges the technology gap between generations.
  • Easy texts without having to press any buttons.

They take the fuss out of using a mobile phone by having real people to assist with every call. Fuss Free Phones offer a unique mobile phone experience. Their UK-based team of telephonists are there to help you every step of the way, from phone set-up to sending text messages.  The Fuss Free Phones SIM Pack gives you worry-free access to your friends and loved ones by simply pressing the emergency or speed-dial button on your mobile. This gives you 24-hour access to a friendly telephonist who will put you through to friends, family, the doctor or anyone you like.

Upon signing up, all they wish to know is the names and numbers of the people and places you want to contact. Simply press the "Fuss Free" button on the back of the phone and they will connect you to a telephonist who will deal with your request and put you through to whomever you wish to call (It typically takes under 20 seconds to connect your call).

The Fuss Free Phone service can also send text messages for you. Just tell their telephonists who you wish to send a text to, dictate the message and they type it out and send it for you. That's not all. They are able to help you in plenty of other ways too, like booking a taxi or ordering flowers. Fuss Free will see your mobile phone number, so they know it’s you calling them.

If you call with an emergency, Fuss Free will call your designated friends, relatives or emergency services and will stay on the phone until help arrives. This is an extra special factor and one that truly separates them from other mobile phone services.

Their call centre can receive calls made to your Fuss Free Phones number. You can even say goodbye to nuisance calls as their telephonists will deal with them without disturbing you.

The service can be used on any mobile phone, except smartphones. Once the call centre number has been programmed into the memory or speed dial, the Fuss Free service will then be accessible. When you dial their number using the Fuss Free Phones' SIM card, their call centre will recognise your number and the Fuss Free telephonists will be there to help you.

Fuss Free Phones SIM 

The Fuss Free Phones SIM plan offering a whole range of benefits including 600 call minutes, unlimited texts and the warm and welcoming concierge service is UK based and operates 24 hours a day. With no automated calls to contend with or monthly bills to catch you unawares, you can relax knowing a first class service is at your fingertips who will help you at every step.

What does the Fuss Free Phones SIM Pack include?

  • 600 call minutes (including to the UK call centre) and unlimited texts
  • 24-hour access to the Fuss Free Phones telephonist service
  • No incoming nuisance calls if you opt into the service, at no extra cost
  • Sending a text and have incoming texts read back to you
  • Looking up information on the Internet for you
  • Price guarantee – not to charge more than the monthly price without asking you first
  • Access to the O2 network with 95% UK population coverage

The Fuss Free Phones SIM Pack offers three different options:

  • A monthly plan at £20.00
  • A bi-annual plan at £115, when purchased in advance
  • An annual plan at £220, when purchased in advance

All three options represent a 30-day SIM only deal where you can cancel with just 30-day notice.

Once you have placed an order for the Fuss Free Phones SIM Pack, we will send you the SIM card and a set of simple instructions. All you need to do is insert the new SIM card and save the Fuss Free Phones telephonists’ phone number into a memory location in your mobile phone (emergency button or a speed dial button of your choice).

Fuss Free Phones will contact you before your subscription is up to see if you would like to renew. We also offer our standard 30-day money back guarantee, if during that time you change your mind.

Please note that this SIM card can be used in conjunction with any of our mobile phones or any other unlocked phones.

If you have any questions, they please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to help.

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