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Extra Loud Doorbell Options

Hearing Direct offers a wide range of sound amplification devices that help in making the life of the hearing impaired as easy as possible. One such product range available in our catalogue are extra loud doorbells.

Amplicall 20The Geemarc AmpliCALL20 Doorbell and Telephone Ring Indicator will help you hear both visitors ringing your doorbell or those trying to reach you over the phone. The volume can be increased to an impressive 95dB and the device also provides the possibility to use a CLA2 shaker pad, providing greater alarm options. You can choose between light and alarm, light and shaker or alarm and shaker, all according to individual preferences. The product is suitable not only for the hearing impaired, but also for heavy sleepers. It is possible to choose different ringer volumes for the telephone and the doorbell and the tone control may also be adjusted to low, medium and high.

CL2The Geemarc CL2 Door Bell and Telephone Alert is another excellent product on our list that has received many favourable reviews from satisfied customers. The device features an amplified doorbell but can also increase the sound level of the telephone. Its volume can be adjusted up to 95dB, making it suitable even for people with severe hearing loss. Besides the loud ringer, the user can also rely on a bright flashing light and a shaker (an optional extra) in order to feel confident they will not miss an important call or visitors. The doorbell features 3 different melodies and has a 60 metre outdoor and 20 metre indoor range.

Ringflash 250Amplicom Ringflash 250 Phone Call and Doorbell Ring Amplifier is one of our best devices that offers many useful functions combined in one. It can assist the hearing impaired by not only amplifying the sound of the doorbell, but also the sound of any other alarm available around the house – smoke detectors, gas and fire alarms, baby alarms, etc. This is achieved through a wireless sensor (transmitter) that is able to detect the sounds produced by these alarms and then inform the user they are ringing. The device can be connected to a phone through a connection socket and it is perfectly compatible with BT phone lines, the PowerTel phone series and other types of phones. The telephone ring tones, three in total, differ from the other alarm sounds, so that the user is clear as to which notification is which. Thankfully it is not necessary to remove your old doorbell, due to the wireless doorbell acoustic activation unit and it is possible to choose between two ring melodies. There is also a connection port that enables the use of a PTV 100 shaker. It is possible to purchase an additional wireless transmitter – the Amplicom RFS 01 Adaptor. Each of its microphones can be connected to an alarm placed anywhere in the house for additional safety.

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