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Costco Hearing Aids Comparison and Reviews

Costco Hearing Aids Centre is a popular outlet for buying hearing aids. Costco hearing aids offer Americans the chance to explore a range of devices, much as we do. But how do Costco hearing aids compare to Hearing Direct and how do we compare on price?

In this blog post, we will compare Costco hearing aids against our very own brand of Hearing Direct devices. There are a number of key categories that we can compare including price and technology.

Costco Hearing Aids Vs. Hearing Direct

It is estimated that over 15% of US adults, that’s more than 37 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing impairment. The Costco Hearing Aid Center is available in a number of US States, supporting Americans all over the country. Costco offers a range of brands such as Phonak, and Kirkland Signature, with a complete set of hearing aid designs including behind the ear, in the ear, in the canal, and invisible hearing aids.

As with any digital hearing aid, you will always want to get the best device that suits you and the best device to help manage your hearing loss. Hearing aids are an effective solution to managing one of the most common forms of hearing impairment, sensorineural hearing loss.

Our audiologist can also advise you on hearing aid batteries, as well as providing more information on the brands Costco and ourselves dispense. Our affordable products have been designed to help you effectively manage hearing loss and improve your standard of living.

After a more hidden model? Try our invisible hearing aids.

Costco Hearing Aids Prices

The cost of hearing aids can be a deciding factor in choosing a hearing aid.

The average price of a privately purchased hearing device in the US is approximately a massive $1,600 for one hearing aid, with many devices upwards of $3000. That's a large sum of money! Luckily, both ourselves and Costco provide hearing aids well below $1,600.

Costco advertises the Kirkland Signature hearing aid at $1499.99 for a pair. You also have to be a member of Costco to use their hearing aid centres. HearingDirect.com supplies a specially selected range of digital hearing aids starting from $169, less than a quarter of the price of the Kirkland Signature hearing aids. Hearing Direct digital hearing aids are expertly designed to create a range of high-quality affordable hearing aids. We have quite simply removed many of the large costs associated with buying these devices and passed those savings directly on to you.

HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid HD250 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD91 is our entry-level device. This digital, in-the-ear hearing aid is almost invisible when worn due to its incredibly small size and can sit comfortably in your ear without the need to visit an audiologist. For a more superior device, the HD 250 is one of our models packed with the latest features and technology and is still less than half the price of the Kirkland Signature.

Costco hearing aids can differ from state-to-state so the online price may differ slightly in-store.

Costco Hearing Aid Batteries

Thanks to industry-wide standardisation the vast majority of hearing aids now use one of four different hearing aid battery sizes. This means you can get your batteries from anywhere. You aren't restricted to ones that are manufactured by the hearing aid supplier.

We supply a range of hearing aid batteries that will work with a variety of hearing aids, including Costco. We provide batteries in the most popular sizes such as size 10, 13, 312, and size 675, that can all be used for hearing aids. All you need to know is the correct size you need for your device. This means the hearing aid batteries we supply will fit Costco hearing aids.

Choose from a selection of leading battery suppliers like Power One and Rayovac, or choose our own brand of cost-effective batteries. When they arrive, just simply pop them into your hearing aid and away you go. You can stock up on batteries as we have packs of 60. You no longer have to worry about running out of power. Hearing aid batteries should last for 3-4 years in the packet, so you don’t have to worry about wasting any.We also sell rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

If you don’t like messing around with tiny batteries, then have a look at our rechargeable hearing aids which can slot into their recharging station overnight ready to go in the morning.

Hearing Aid Technology

As the world advances, so does audiological technology. Hearing aids have the ability to do more than ever before and the latest features add a whole new listening experience.

Costco hearing aids, Hearing Direct hearing aids, and other top brands all produce digital devices that are bursting with the latest tech. All of these help improve your hearing and improve your quality of life. The impact that the newest hearing aids have can seriously boost your lifestyle and it is clear to see why so many devices now have more features than ever before.

However, high-powered aids can have a higher price tag and can burn through batteries at a very fast rate. For example, Bluetooth, invisible and discreet, and iPhone-compatible hearing aids can cost much more than standard devices that are still more than capable of offering an enjoyable listening experience.

Costco hearing aids come in a range of types with varying levels of tech, just like us!

What Hearing Aid Brands does Costco carry?

People love to be loyal to their favorite brands or will have a company or business that they prefer. Costco hearing aids come from leading worldwide brands such as Phonak. At HearingDirect we have created our very own brand of hearing aids. We pride ourselves on providing the best technology at the lowest prices.

Our own range of affordable hearing aids features the same technology as top brands but come without the price tag and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I get a hearing test at Costco?

Costco does provide hearing tests for free, but it’s quicker to take our online hearing test which checks your hearing in the comfort of your own home. Our free hearing test is simple, takes 3-minutes, as you will receive your results instantly.

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Author: Stuart Canterbury

Image of Stuart CanterburyStuart joined the hearing aid industry just at the start of the digital revolution in the mid 1990s. He was part of a team that transformed one of the minor manufacturers in to a major player in both production and retail of high technology hearing aids. This journey included working on public / private programmes to accelerate the uptake of high technology hearing aids across a wide distribution. This passion for improving the value and access to good quality hearing lead to the foundation of HearingDirect. After almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of customers we are starting to establish online sales as a practical, cost-effective channel to provide great hearing to all those who need help.