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Hearing Aids

  • Invisible Hearing Aids - Part Two

    I have just finished reading a very interesting document prepared by an Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser in relation to a much wider issue but that, in part, touches on this current series of posts on ‘The Invisible Hearing Aid’. At the end of my last post I talked about the...
  • HD350 Hearing Aid An Honest Review

    When buying anything over the Internet, I am an avid reader of customer reviews which can often provide an insight into something overlooked by the seller. I like honest reviews as anything written by “real” people is always more entertaining than marketing spiel. In working for HearingDirect I am lucky...
  • What Does 'Hearing Aid Compatible' Mean?

    We list some Assistive Listening Devices or ‘ALDs’ on our website as being ‘hearing aid compatible'. But what is the meaning of 'hearing aid compatible'? Assistive Listening Device is the industry term used to describe any product which provides extra amplification for specific environments – such as hearing better on...

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