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Best Mobile Phones With Large Buttons

With years of innovation, mobile phones have decreased in size and become more complicated. For some, the buttons are too small to type, the speakers are too soft to hear and the display is too small to read. That has all changed now thanks to a few specific phones.

m6500Amplicom PowerTel M6500 GSM Mobile Phone

The M6500 has large, bright buttons on a large display and features a louder ringer and wireless connection to Bluetooth compatible appliances such as in-car systems, handsets and computers, so it’s easy to transfer phonebook entries. The M6500 features a stylish conception and offers up to 40 dB amplification at less than 5% distortion. The voice assisted keypad, extra loud speaker and tone control ensure a comfortable use. An extra addition is the LED torch which helps you find everything you need during the night or in dark places.

m6000Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Big Button Mobile Phone

The PowerTel M6000 is renowned for its extra-loud functionality. The high quality resolution and colourful screen helps to clearly read all numbers and characters. The phone has large buttons that reduce errors and miss-dialling. The handset volume amplification is up to 30 dB, which is much louder than a basic mobile phone, and the ringer volume is up to 100dB. The M6000 has a hands free set, a Bluetooth function and it is compatible with hearing aids. Additionally, the menu is available in more than 10 languages and LED lighting technology alerts when the phone is out of range. This mobile phone has an emergency button and 8 speed dial keys. The tone control function puts emphasis on low and high frequency. The M6000 also features an automatic keypad lock, a vibration alarm and a fall sensor.

m6200Amplicom PowerTel M6200 GSM Mobile Phone

With an incredibly low cost, the M6200 is a dual-band GSM. It is the easiest and simplest to use mobile phone. The big buttons allow users to send text messages and make calls. Users can select between 10 different ring tones. The M6200 has an extra loud ringer volume. The voice assisted keypad and LED display with large font size makes it simple to use. This mobile phone has an SOS call button and an automatic keypad lock. It has various functions including an alarm clock, an organizer, a calendar and a stopwatch. The battery life lasts for up to 5 hours operating time and 8 days stand-by time.

m6900Amplicom PowerTel M6900 GSM Mobile Phone

The M6900 features speakerphone volume amplification up to 24 dB and ringing volume up to 85 dB. The keypad is with large, evenly distributed buttons and the display is clear to read. When numbers are pressed, the display will come to life and numbers are visible even in the dark. This mobile phone is a combination between stylish design and simplicity. It has a talking caller ID for 10 selected numbers to announce the name of the caller, but has a phonebook feature with 300 entries for names and numbers. And finally, it is hearing aid compatible.

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