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Amplified Baby Monitors at Hearing Direct

amplified baby monitorExperience peace of mind with our new amplified baby monitors.

Hearingdirect.com specialise in finding exceptional products designed specifically to make life easier for the hard of hearing. We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting technology to add to our catalogue of innovative devices. As such, we want to tell you about our latest amplified baby monitors, available at exceptional prices, they can be ordered with next day delivery and come with a 30-day, no quibble money back guarantee.

Being responsible for a baby means it is imperative you pick up on their distress as a matter of urgency. If they’re crying, you want to know about it, so you can act quickly to resolve the problem. When you’re hard of hearing, this simple task can be particularly challenging, especially when you find yourself in a different room from your child. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce the arrival of some important specialist listening devices that we have added to our range to make things a little easier.

Amplicomms Watch and Care V130 Audio and Video MonitorJust sit back and enjoy your evening, knowing you can keep an eye on your baby at all times with the Amplicomms Watch and Care V130 Audio and Video Monitor. This incredible device allows you to hear, see and even speak to your baby remotely, using the very latest in digital technology. With 2.4GHz digital transmission, the monitor can work throughout the home, penetrating walls, floors and ceilings. If for some reason you move out of range, it will alert you accordingly. The monitor can be worn on a belt clip with the vibration alert available. It is also compatible with the optional PTV 100 Vibration Pad, which can be slipped under your pillow at night. When activated, it will shake and act as an additional alert, giving you peace of mind as you sleep.

The monitor runs using rechargeable batteries, has a volume control and a colour LCD display screen with zoom. There is also an optical baby alarm with visual indicators. The Camera, which is placed near the baby, has a night vision function, so will operate even in low light conditions, a built in night light, secured transmission and a vertical swivelling camera. It will transmit up to 150 metres, will monitor the temperature of the room and is operated using a mains adaptor, although it can be powered by battery if required.

Although this model comes initially with one monitor and one camera, it can host up to three additional cameras. For further details, look at Amplicomms Watch & Care V131. If you know that you need two cameras from the outset, then you may want to have a look at the Amplicomms Watch & Care V132.

Geemarc AmpliCall 50/30A simple alternative would be the Geemarc AmpliCall 50/30, an amplified baby monitor and receiver, designed specifically for those who are hard of hearing. It will pick up on a baby’s cries and alert you by using up to 80dB of volume, a vibrating mechanism that can be turned on and off and the choice of four visual indicator options. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the transmitter, if you only want to pick up the loudest cries. Both the Receiver and the transmitter are battery operated and wireless, so there are no tripping hazards lying around the house. For those on a budget, this is the perfect choice as it represents great value for money at an affordable price.

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