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Amplicomms TV150 Wireless TV Listener Review

Video Transcript

Unfortunately the TV150 is no longer available. View our current full range of Wireless TV Listeners here.

This is the Amplicomms TV Listener, called the TV150.  It’s a Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Headset that can be used for the TV, or for hi-fi systems.  As you can see, it’s a very compact unit, arranged so that you can actually wear this around the neck, with headphones that then fits into the left and right ears; different sized buds are available to improve the comfort even further.  This is an extremely lightweight unit, and operates on rechargeable batteries, which can then fit back into this cable or cradle provided.

They estimate about 25 hours of listening time per charge, and I suppose that does also depend on the strength of the rechargeable batteries, so that may deteriorate over time.  This cradle has been designed so that you can actually fit two units in at the same time, but actually you can add as many headsets to one TV at any one time that you need.  In terms of connection, you can even connect it to the TV audio output sockets, or you can have an external microphone as an optional extra if that is not a facility on your television.  Depending on the settings of your television, you will be able to mute the television for external volume completely, and still turn up the volume considerably through the TV Listener.

Amplicomms has a good reputation for being a provider of amplifying products, and this certainly will provide a huge amount of output right up to 120 decibels.  The unit itself is very well priced, certainly in the realm of TV Listeners for the hard of hearing, although it provides a lot of amplification, at simply £59.99, this is very competitive with regards to other systems on the market today.

In terms of the controls, it’s very simple to operate, there is an on and off on the device itself, when that’s on it will indicate with the red LED, and then there is the usual volume control, but also internal control, which many people with hearing impairment find incredibly helpful, just to give an extra boost if needed to either the lower frequencies or the higher frequencies.

In order to recharge the headset, this cradle does require its plugging into the mains, which is provided, but once that’s done, it is a wireless system, so when you are sitting in front of the television the only thing that you will need is this around your neck.  The main features of the TV150 from Amplicomms, include clear loud sound, available up to 120 decibels, it’s infra red transmission so it does require line of sight from the television, very lightweight, with a use time full battery charge of 25 hours.

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