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Amplicomms TV Soundbox Review

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

Unfortunately the Amplicomms TV Soundbox is no longer available. View our current full range of Amplicomms products here.

This is a review of the new Amplicomms TV soundbox, a new concept from Amplicomms, it can function as a TV listener, it can also function as a connection to pretty much any audio device, and it functions in several ways, but the main way it’s designed to work. It sits in this cradle which you can see, and charges through here and this cradle will be connected to a panel supply, and also connected to any audio device, and it will be connected using the cable supplied, and the idea behind this particular device is that it can, it’s effectively as you can see a speaker with a volume control, you can see on the front, you also got a tone control on the side, high, medium and low, you’ve got a power connection, you can connect directly to the unit itself, you also got an audio in options, so that again might be taking a direct supply from an audio device such as an MP3 player or a mobile phone or even the TV itself, if this is placed close enough to it, and then here you got the option to connect some headphones to it, so that you don’t have to use the speakers.

But the idea behind it is that this base unit that it sits and charges in, on the reverse you can see it can be connected to a power supply, it can be connected to the television or any other audio device using this these cable sockets here, that would come out of here and go into the back of the television, and this will pair to this unit here, so this would sit in front or behind the television on the side, and then it communicates wirelessly to this unit here, so that can be placed right next to you and you can change the volume up and down on the speaker, or you can use it to then connect via your headphones, and again use the volume and tone control to completely customize or personalize the volume coming from the broadcast from this unit.

And as I said that could be a television or any out audio device, and of course if you use the headphones then that would be a way of listening to the TV at a volume suitable for you even, if there are others watching it, particularly useful if you don’t want to disturb the neighbors you can obviously listen to the television at your own customized levels through the speakers, and so effectively you connect this unit to the television and this can sit right next to you. So you can turn the TV volume down quite low and turn the volume up higher on the speakers, but they’ll be much closer to you, and therefore that reduces the need to have the volume on the TV too loud, and of course you can still connect via some headphones, and that’s more useful if there are others in the room that want to watch television at the same time, and have the normal TV speakers at the volume that they find comfortable.

So overall a really good idea, it’s a very, very popular product and something that we would certainly recommend trying if you are struggling with TV volume or other audio device volume issues, but if you want some more detailed advice on it or any of the other models at Hearing Direct, then you can speak to our expert customer services team, they are available on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week 9 till 5, or if it is outside of those times then you can always email us, with using the email address customerservices@hearingdirect.com.

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