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Amplicomms PowerTel M8000 Amplified Mobile Phone Review

Amplified Mobile Phone Review: Amplicomms PowerTel M8000

Amplified phones are designed to improve communication for the hearing impaired and the Amplicomms M8000 mobile phone can do exactly that.

Unfortunately the Amplicomms M8000 is no longer available. View our current range of amplified mobile phones here.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review of the new Amplicomms M8000 candy bar cellphone. So some of the basic features to go over, first of all, you can see that there are extra-large buttons compared to a standard mobile phone, you’ve got call starts and call end here and these are three-speed dial buttons to dial pre-programed numbers instantly. There's a good size screen here which you can see and it’s backlit as is the keypad. Some of the other main features that you will see on the phone, you will see a volume control here up and down, and here is a socket for attaching a headset to the telephone.

On this side of the phone you will see a speed access to a camera or to switch on the telecall connectivity to your hearing aids, this here is designed for you to be able to adjust the tone of the phone, this side is the volume, and this side is the tone. On top here we have the charging port, and then finally on the back here you have an SOS button, and that is designed to enable you to when it’s pressed, it will, it will immediately dial a preset list of numbers, and let the receiving person know that an emergency is required for the person who owns this particular phone, and finally here you can see the camera aperture, this phone has a two megapixel camera.

Some of the main benefits of this phone it is up to 35 decibels in terms of amplified voice, a standard mobile might be around 5-10 decibels, so you are getting an awful lot more amplification in terms of the caller’s voice, and it does also go up to 90 decibels in terms of ring volume, and that again would be very similar to if you consider it a jet flying overhead would be about 110 decibels, it gives you a good indication as to what 90 decibels might provide.

It’s got a lot of the main functions you expect from a mobile phone in terms of SMS and MMS, it also features a phone book and the phone book can have or can hold up to 300 entries in terms of names and numbers. You got a call history this will obviously access the various settings in term of the phone settings, the screen display, the connectivity options etcetera, you’ve also got a multimedia function on here, so there is a camcorder, video recorder that is, there is obviously the two megapixel camera, so there are lots of different multimedia functions within the phone. You’ve got an organizer and also file manager, so you got various pictures etcetera that you can store on the phone, this is the phone services and the SOS setting, this is where you would control the speed dials for the various people that would be listed and activated when you press the SOS button on the reverse. And then we are back to messages.

So overall this phone is designed to replace the M6000 from Amplicomms, it’s a candy bar style so a traditional style phone, it’s got a keypad lock, it has a good level of amplification, a two-megapixel camera and a good 90 dB which is the loudest in the market ringer volume. So if you are looking for a simple to use mobile phone that has got good levels of amplification, traditional in design, but nice size screen, and you are also looking for something with a reasonable camera, two megapixels then this would be the model for you. Of course as with all the products on hearing direct, if you would like to talk to somebody in more details you can contact our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week 9 AM to 5 PM, outside of those hours you would be welcome to email us at customerservices@hearingdirect.com.


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