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Amplicomms PowerTel 30 Amplified Telephone Review

Amplified Telephone Review: Amplicomms PowerTel 30

Amplified telephones are designed to improve communication for those with hearing loss and the Amplicomms PowerTel 30 is an ideal option.

The PowerTel 30 has been replaced by the Amplicomms PowerTel 46 .

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review by Hearing Direct of the Amplicomms PowerTel 30 desk telephone. One of our most popular phones by quite some distance. The reason it's quite so popular is it's one of the few amplified phones which offers good levels of amplification as it says here up to 30 decibels but doesn’t require its own power source or separate power source, so it takes all the power it needs for all the features and amplification it provides from the telephone line and from some batteries and therefore does not require a power socket and there is plenty of customers who have come to us saying they have a telephone socket where obviously they have always kept their telephone but now that they need a louder one they don't have a power socket where their telephone socket is located. So this is the perfect solution for somebody in that situation.

So looking at some of the features of the phone itself, as I said this is up to 30 decibels, that puts it around the middle of the range with regards to amplified desk telephones. There are some that will go up to 60 decibels but when you compare 30 decibels to a standard corded phone in the home, this may well be used to replace, the standard corded phone in the home is somewhere around 5-10 decibels maximum volume. So this is–on the surface of it, it sounds three times louder but actually significantly more than that because the decibels scale is logarithmic and linear, therefore, it is several times louder than a standard phone would be.

Looking at some of the features of the phone, you can see here a very much oversized keypad with simple and easy to see keys, you have a display screen up here which is used for caller identification number, identification for outgoing calls, and viewing the phonebook feature that it also has as well and call history, etc. It also has a speaker phone button here, so the phone can reset to use in a hands-free fashion. You have got a visual call indicator here and here and underneath the handset or the receiver over here, you have got the volume control for the voice volume. This can be set up to a maximum of 9 here and then you press this button here to turn the phone into its maximum volume potential. Once this button is depressed, this light here will light up to tell you the phone is in its loudest level and then you can actually turn it down slightly, even though it is maximised here using this wheel. So you can turn it up to its maximum without the boost button and then press the boost button to take the phone into maximum but then can scroll a little bit down there if it's too loud or louder than required.

Some good features on the phone, very much compared to other that are powered just the BT line rather than needing their own power socket, just looking at the phone itself in a touch more detail, on this edge of the phone here, you can see there is a volume slider, now that volume is actually for the ring tone. This is the ringer tone control and this here is the degree or type of ring and volume of ring. So these are all to do with the actual ringing tone of the phone itself. On the back very simple, just a telephone line input, that's all that is required there, and on this side here, you can just see where this handset when it's in use from here the corded cable just goes in here and the phone is placed on here, like so. This phone is or does have a wall mounting option. This is the battery compartment for the batteries to give all of the additional features the phone has, but it is wall mountable and as such this is designed here to be reversed so that the actual handset itself actually hooks in place so that it doesn’t slide off when it's on the wall.

So the PowerTel 30 by Amplicomms is a very, very good phone, very, very popular because it is the loudest phone without the need for a power socket and in particular offering caller ID which virtually not all do and it's extremely good value for money, so we can heartily recommend it, but if you would like to know more about it or any other models at Hearing Direct, then you call our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the normal working week 9 until 5, or if it's outside of those hours then please feel free to email us at customerservices@hearingdirect.com.

Main Features Of The Amplicomms PowerTel 30:

  • Our best performing phone without the need for a separate power supply - operates from the phone line power alone
  • Premium hearing aid compatibility
  • Tone control adjustment in handset
  • Adjustable receiver volume up to 30 dB
  • Adjustable ringer volume
  • Powerful Handsfree speakerphone and Caller ID Display
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