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Amplicom PowerTel 502 Twinset Review

When we receive orders the majority can be quickly identified as to their type by the total cost.  For example order below or around £20 tends to be for batteries, £20 - £50 is the start of the phone range and the loud alarm clock portfolio, above £50 tends to be the amplified mobile or cordless phones and most orders over £100 are generally for hearing aids.

However, recently we received an order for over £160 that was for two Amplicom PowerTel 500 cordless telephones.  We could have just dispatched the order but as it was strange we contacted the buyer to investigate whether there was a better solution.  The buyer was delighted to be contacted and having explained that the order was for his mother, so that she could have a phone in the sitting room and bedroom, he quickly realised he could have saved almost £30 by ordering an Amplicom PowerTel 501 extra handset in place of the second phone.

He was even more delighted when we explained that there was an even better solution at even better value which is the Amplicom PowerTel 2780 Amplified Cordless Phone Duo Set (N.B. Product changed to current product available). The benefit was not just price, but the ease of use as the phones are delivered already paired to each other, so can simply be plugged in and used straight from the box.

The essence of this tale captures a few elements which are fundamental to the way HearingDirect runs and the attitude we have to our customers.  We received an order that could be improved upon.  Although it cost time and money to do so, we followed it up as we would rather have customers who are happy with the product that they receive.  Amplicom have put together a great bundle of products in the PowerTel 502 twinset and for people who need a pair of cordless phones, it is great value and easy to use, so will definitely provide great customer satisfaction.  To encourage a few more to try this combination here are its key features:

The main advantage of this twin set, apart from representing better value than buying the two items separately, is that they are already paired and ready to use. Simply plug them into the power socket and the main handset into the BT socket and they are ready to go.

A fantastic model which has the best level of hearing aid compatibility linking directly with hearing aids to provide incredible sound clarity with or even without hearing aids. It’s a cordless handset with a powerful handsfree speaker phone, a volume level of up to 10 times louder than standard phones and many other features. But our favourite feature is the Multi User Profiles which enables separate memory settings of the handset to give the ultimate comfort for households with mixed hearing so everyone can use the phone with their personal settings automatically.

And finally to round off this blog here is a review from a customer who purchased it:

Really up to the job...
Posted by Sue White on 12th Apr 2011

'I recently purchased a Amplicon Power 502 and highly recommend this product. It is very easy to set up and use having all the expected functions. Now I always hear the telephone ring (even over the television) and no longer dread trying to have a conversation with anyone, especially those with strong accents! I don't even need to have my hearing aid in. My husband and I can both use it set to our individual needs. One small gripe would be the need to scroll through all contacts to access the one required, but otherwise a really great phone that has made a huge difference to everyday life. Definitely worth the cost.'

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