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A Sign From The Times

In the last few days there has been an interesting chain of events that have unfolded in the pages of The Times newspaper that I thought may be worth sharing. In Friday’s paper there appeared a full page advert from a High Street Retailer. It was inviting readers to apply for one of 10,000 free listening devices. It also cleverly talks about some new technology called Multi-Focusing in a hearing aid made exclusively for the Retailer by a world leader in hearing aid manufacture. On closer inspection, it is clear that the free working sample being offered in the advert is not the multi-focus hearing aid but something else altogether; although the unwary may assume that they can obtain the hearing aid free and not the ‘listening device’ as is the case.

In fact, this is not new or surprising, this style of advertising and tactic has been used by Hearing Aid Retailers for many years to encourage people to supply contact details to obtain the free device, with a view to potentially selling something at a far greater price; the old adage of ‘buyer beware’ applies you should study what is being offered carefully and be aware that it is highly likely you will be contacted frequently with regard to more expensive options.

I did however; refer to a chain of events. The following day, through sheer coincidence, a letter appeared in the Money section of the same newspaper. It was titled Hearing aid help. In it, the writer refers to an earlier letter as “another elderly hearing aid mugging by the private hearing aid business.” He goes on to say that upon enquiring with a local hearing aid dispenser he was quoted £6,250 for two hearing aids which upon negotiation were reduced to £2,750; he mentions that he left without the hearing aids, deeply suspicious.

Whilst they have appeared coincidentally to each other, the advert is clearly designed to attract the customer into the process that could result in a similar experience to that of the letter writer. What is apparent is that unless you are extremely careful, buying hearing aids can be a confusing and expensive process.

We established HearingDirect because we believe there is a better, fairer and more transparent way to buy hearing aids; feel free to call us or drop us an email if you have any concerns over what you may have seen in a newspaper or may have been told by a dispenser.

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