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HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid


Customer Reviews

  1. Nice....

    by Hary on 1/04/2018

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  2. Comfortable and well hidden!

    by David from Somerset on 31/12/2017

    I tried a few aids before this and the tiny size of this aid means it is very well hidden and no one notices you are wearing it. As I have no hair this was important to me! Its also an amazing piece of technology in such a tiny package. Its kept in place by a strong but flexible clip so is very comfortable to wear. Mine is programmed so program 1 is the quietest, program 2 is standard matched to my audio-gram, program 3 enhances speech in a noisy environment and 4 is for music. The pressure switch to change program takes a little getting used to but works very well and again no one notices if you tap your ear to change program. Sound quality and clarity is very good. I have a pair and wear them all day 9am to 10pm. Also because they sit in the ear they are not subject to wind noise which is a downside to the over the ear types. Batteries last just under a week using the Duracel size 10s. Joan from hearing direct was extremely helpful throughout the buying process and after-sales support and she emails a prepaid label if you need to send them back for re programming etc, so no worries about buying over the internet! Highly recommended!
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  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    by Leonard S. on 26/01/2017

    Hearing Direct's HD 500 has worked out very well for me.
    While the HD 390 was very good, the HD 500 is great!!
    What convinced me to get two (2) HD 500's --one for each ear-- is thaat I could hear crickets when walking the dog with the HD 500; which I could not with the HD 390.
    Since I have had the HD 500 for each ear, I not only hear crickets-- but, I also hear my rubber soled boat shoes sqeaking on the hard wood floors at home. Most incredibly, with either ear, I now hear our several wall clocks ticking!!!
    But, most importantly, I now hear other people without repeatedly asking them to repeat what they said.
    I was with two (2) colleagues this morning & found both repeatedly asking me or each other to repeat something that was said. I never realized before how frequently that happens.
    Also, I was in the car with my wife & our son's girlfriend yesterday evening. For years, I thought my wife was talking too softly -- on purpose! Last night, I thought she was talking too loud!!!
    All I can say is --'What have I been missing all these years???????????'
    Stubborn me. Should have gotten hearing aids a long time ago.
    The one issue I have is when I put the phone to my ear, I notice 'feed back' with both the HD 390 & the HD 500. I understand there is a 'fix' for feedback and will follow your suggestions.
    I was skeptical at first about trying a long distance supplier for something as personal as hearing aids. But, I figured why not? Your help walking me through this is much appreciated & I unhesitatingly recommend Hearing Direct.
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