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Rayovac Proline Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

  • Rayovac Proline Size 13

The Rayovac Proline size 13 hearing aid batteries are part of the premium range of Rayovac batteries, one of the leading retailers of hearing aid batteries in the world. Their size 13 hearing aid batteries offer all you would expect from a world known brand of batteries: quality, reliability, consistency and a long expiry date of four years. And they are also environmental friendly (Mercury free)!

What is it?

  • Rayovac Proline Mercury Free Batteries
  • Size 13 with orange color tab
  • 8 batteries in each pack

What does it do?

  • 1.45V - 310mAh
  • Maximising battery power without compromising on performance

Can be used with:

  • Suitable for all hearing aids using size 13 batteries
  • For optimal performance, we recommend you wait at least 1 minute after you remove the battery tab in order to commence the Zinc/Air reaction.

For an even better money-saving deal, check out the multipack of 48 batteries.

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