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HF 3 Red/Blue Wax Filter



What is it?

  • A wheel of 14 HF3 wax guards
  • 7 wax guards for left ear (blue) and 7 wax guards for right ear (red)
  • The diameter of the wax guard is 3mm
  • Comes with a tool to replace the old filter in your hearing aid
  • Protect the hearing aids internal components from exposure to wax and dust

Can be used with?

  • To fit GN ReSound Alera, DOT, DOT2, and other Receiver-In-the-Canal or custom hearing aids.

Please note it is important to make sure that the wax guard is clean before every use and we recommend replacing the wax guard regularly.


Good product

Review by Kathleen Thaxter (Posted on 24/04/2017)
I have seen others with just red or just blue but this is mcuh easier to have both red and blue on one disk
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