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Hearing Aid Battery Trial Pack Size 675

  • Battery Trial Pack Size 675

Size 675 hearing aid battery trial pack features seven of our most popular brands of batteries to help you decide which battery offers you the best performance and value. 

Unsure of which brand of hearing aid batteries is best suited to your hearing aid? Battery life varies depending on the particular hearing aid, the usage time, amplification level, humidity conditions and other factors. This pack gives you the opportunity to test and evaluate which brand of hearing aid batteries will last the longest according to your personal use and therefore which offers the best value for your hearing aid and circumstances.

What Is It?

Our hearing aid batteries trial pack includes a pack of 6 batteries of each of the following brands:

  • HearingDirect
  • iCellTech
  • Zenipower
  • Rayovac
  • PowerOne
  • Siemens
  • Duracell

What Does It Do?

  • Enables you to evaluate which brand of battery suits your hearing aid best.

Can Be Used With:

  • Suitable with all hearing aids using size 675 batteries

Customer Reviews

  1. I bought these batteries for my mum, who...

    by ruthybabs on 5/09/2015

    I bought these batteries for my mum, who is extremely hard of hearing. The last lot of batteries i purchased, not off here by the way, where rubbish.....She has only started to use these, but i can tell, she can hear a lot more clearly, just by the expression on her face....These seem to be of high quality, which she needs.....So over all, I would recommend this product.........
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