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Dry Spot Dehumidifier


What Is It?

  • A Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
  • Includes one microwaveable desiccant pillow

What Does It Do?

  • Removes moisture from your hearing aids
  • Dries earwax in your hearing aids
  • Kills germs in your hearing aids
  • Markedly improves Hearing aid reliability
  • Proven to reduce need for repairs
  • Maintains optimum sound quality

Can Be Used With:

Customer Reviews

  1. I like this dehumidifier very much. It i...

    by Fiona on 24/05/2014

    I like this dehumidifier very much. It is good looking enough to sit on my dressing table unlike some of the other designs. The crystals can be reactivated in the microwave which is excellent and the colour change from yellow to green is very helpful. Because the crystals are secured in a separate container it will travel well.
    Star Rating
  2. The Dry Spot Dehumidifier is an excellen...

    by Liz England on 11/09/2012

    The Dry Spot Dehumidifier is an excellent product and I would rate it 5
    Star Rating

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