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World’s Loudest Alarm Clock

The loudest alarm clock could make all the difference to your morning routine. Most people consider getting up early a difficult task. It is not uncommon to fail to hear the alarm clock after an exhausting day.

At Hearing Direct, you'll find a wide range of super loud alarm clocks that are perfect for the hard of hearing and hard to wake alike! And, that includes the loudest alarm clock in production today.

What Is The World's Loudest Alarm Clock?

Super loud alarm clocks are not a novelty and a variety of models exist. The different models available on the market usually provide an alarm sound between 80-100dB. At HearingDirect.com you can find some of the loudest alarm clocks in production today that offers greater levels of amplification.

loudest alarm clock SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

Without a doubt, the ultimate winner in the loudest alarm clock category and part of the Hearing Direct catalogue of loud alarm clocks is the Sonic Bomb. It boasts an excessive alarm that can be set up to reach 113dB if necessary. Nonetheless, this is not the only feature that will ensure the user is awake. A supercharged bed shaker that can be conveniently placed under the pillow and a bright, built-in, pulsating alert light will additionally boost the alarm's effect.

Benefits Of The Loudest Alarm Clocks

The loudest alarm clock could kick-start your day. They produce a loud abrupt sound that sends an “alarming” message to the brain, increase the adrenaline level and make us immediately alert. However, there are people such as heavy sleepers or those with hearing disabilities and an extremely loud alarm clock could be a valuable ally in the morning.

Super loud alarm clocks are particularly useful for people with a hearing problem that have difficulty hearing the standard alarm clocks. Many loud alarm clocks are also equipped with other helpful features such as vibrating pad for use under a pillow, bright flashing lights, etc. thus catering for a full set of stimuli for waking up.

For some extra guidance on the best alarm clock, visit our blog.

Loudest Alarm Clocks Available From Hearing Direct

At HearingDirect.com you will find a wide range of extra loud alarm clocks, both digital and analogue, from leading manufacturers such as Geemarc, Amplicomms, and Sonic Alert, who produce one of the loudest alarm clocks: the Sonic Bomb.

Sonic Alert SB1000SS Alarm Clock with Super Shaker

super loud alarm clock Sonic Alert SB1000SS Combination Alarm Clock with Super Shaker

The Sonic Alert SB1000SS Combination Alarm Clock with Super Shaker is an extra loud alarm clock that comes supplied with a vibrating bed device. The 113dB extra-loud alarm makes it one of the loudest alarm clocks that we retail. 

The alarm clock has been designed with hearing impairments in mind and aims to awaken the deepest of sleepers. You can choose to wake up to the pulsating audio alarm with adjustable volume and tone levels; alternatively, you could opt for the flashing lights or the Super Shaker bed function.

Sonic Alert SB300SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

loud alarm clock SonicAlert SB300SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock With Big Display

The SB300ss is a straightforward alarm clock – it does what it says on the label – and is a popular sale. Boasting a 113dB extra-loud alarm, it also comes with a ‘Super Shaker,’ which will vibrate at the same time as the alarm sounding. 

The display on the SB300ss is one of the biggest (1.8”), and this has a 5-level dimmer function too. The SB300ss is solid and reliable. If you like the look of this clock but have a need for an alarm clock that can be sent with two different alarm times, please check out the SB375ss

Sonic Alert SB200SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

world's loudest alarm clock SonicAlert SB200SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

As with the other Sonic Alert models, this loud alarm clock features an extra loud alarm of up to 113 dB. The ‘Super Shaker’ powerful vibrating disc is very handy, which allows others to continue to sleep while you can be awoken by the vibrating shaker pad.

Sleep well with the confidence of knowing you'll wake up on time with the SB200ss. If you like this look of the SB200ss but want an even bigger display unit – check out the SB300ss.

Depending on your specific hearing loss you may benefit from very loud alarm clocks that do not produce sounds above 100dB but in the range of 80-90dB.

Visit our loud alarm clocks to find a device that is suitable for your hearing needs.

Online Hearing Test

If you are struggling to hear your current alarm go off, then we recommend you try our hearing test to check for any potential signs of hearing loss.

extremely loud alarm clock

Our online hearing test is free, only takes a matter of minutes to complete, and you will receive your results instantly. You do not require an appointment nor do you have to book a time slot. Simply visit the hearing test page, plus in some headphones, and enter a valid email address to proceed with your hearing check.

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Hearing Direct is one of the world's leading hearing specialists, stocking a wide range of hearing aidsbatteriesaccessories, and amplified devices such as phones designed for the hearing impaired. 

You can contact any of the HearingDirect.com customer service team for advice on which clock may suit your individual needs.

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