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  • 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas gift ideas from HearingDirect bring you a collection of 10 products that are ideal as stocking fillers or make great gifts for the hard of hearing. We present a list of top-quality products designed to aid the life of those with hearing impairments and our gift ideas will help you with finding the perfect present for your loved ones at Christmas time.

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  • New TV Listeners, Hearing Aids & Accessories: November 2016

    Hearing aids, TV listeners and accessories are some of the new products we added to our expanding website in November. The HearingDirect online catalogue continues to grow and we are pleased to be able to offer more items from trusted global brands to assist your hearing needs. This month, the...
  • New Hearing Aids, Accessories and Amplified Phones: October 2016

    Hearing aids, hearing aid accessories and amplified phones are just a selection of new products we have added to our ever-growing online catalogue this month.

    We have introduced a range of new products to benefit the hard of hearing, including our own brand of HearingDirect hearing aids to amplified phones from trusted brands such as Doro and Geemarc.

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  • Fuss Free Phones: How does it work?

    Unfortunately this product is no longer supported. View our range of products here.

    Fuss Free Phones is an exciting mobile phone concierge service with a 24-hour telephonist to provide around-the-clock support for those with hearing loss.

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  • Amplified Baby Monitors at Hearing Direct

    Experience peace of mind with our new amplified baby monitors. Hearingdirect.com specialise in finding exceptional products designed specifically to make life easier for the hard of hearing. We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting technology to add to our catalogue of innovative devices. As such, we want to...
  • Reducing Your Hearing Aid Batteries Costs

    To provide you with crystal clear amplification, digital hearing aids are powered by specifically designed batteries. These little power plants will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the particular hearing aid and your particular use (for more information see our blog post on How...
  • Humantechnik Range Available Now at HearingDirect

    Unfortunately we no longer stock HumanTechnik products. View our current range of products here. There are some things that deserve a bit of a fanfare upon arrival. We feel the introduction of an exciting new range of pioneering hearing devices from Humantechnik gives us a reason to celebrate. At HearingDirect...
  • Extra Loud Desk Phone Christmas Present Idea

    Amongst so many innovative and exciting products being introduced by HearingDirect this season, there is an extra loud desk phone that warrants a bit of special attention. Doro are renown for producing perfectly packaged phones where simplicity is key. The Doro MemoryPlus 319i is no exception to this rule. The...
  • Top iPhone Apps For The Hard of Hearing

    The hard of hearing community faces many challenges on a daily basis, often frustrated by once common and simple day today activities such as communication, socialising and even using the telephone. Fortunately, with technological progress a substantial number of these difficulties can be overcome. The innovation of hearing aids and...
  • What You Should Know When Ordering With Hearing Direct

    Hearing Direct has earned a well-deserved reputation as leading online hearing experts. We are constantly trying to improve our services in order to meet even the highest demands and expectations of our customers and ease the ordering and delivery process as much as possible In short, we have a very...

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