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ACU-Life Dry Ears

  • Acu-life Dry Ears

What Is It?

  • Air puffer ‘DryEars’ injects fresh air into the ear canal to break surface tension that retains water
  • Ideal after showering or swimming
  • Alcohol-free air dryer
  • Convenient and portable - Pouch included
  • Suitable for children (above 2 years) and adults
  • Helps prevent ‘swimmers ear’

How To Use It?

  • Gently insert tip into ear opening
  • Squeeze the puffer to inject air into the ear canal
  • Repeat as often as needed. Drying process can takes 5-20 bulb squeezes (20 squeezes can be as fast as 8-10 seconds)
  • The ear canal will feel cooler as the moisture evaporates. A cool feeling indicates there is liquid evaporation occurring, when its warm or with no temperature change the drying process is complete.
  • Grooves on the exterior of the tip help the release of moisture-laden air toward the through-holes.

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