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Oticon MiniFit Open Domes - Pack of 10

What Is It?

  • Pack of 10 Domes

More information:

  • Measurements in mm refer to the wdiest section of the dome - i.e. the base of the dome
  • Please note that MiniFit slim tubes are different to Corda 1 and Corda 2 tubings - please contact us if you are unsure on the tubing version you have

Can Be Used With:

  • Suitable for more recently introduced Oticon receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) and mini receiver-in-the-ear (miniRITE) products that contain the ‘Inium’ or ‘Velox’ chip platforms.  Examples include: Alta, Nera and Ria and OPN
  • Also suitable for: Oticon Corda miniFIT slim tubes 

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